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Brain Supplements - Laminine, Neu-Becalmd, Neu-Relieve, Neu-Recover

neubecalmd for adhd
Helps ADHD, ADD,
Stress, Focus, Depression, etc.
90 Capsules
$39.95/ or 4 btls $151.95

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laminine helps against stress
Be Happier, Calmer,
& get the Best
Nights Sleep without 
the use of Drugs!

30 Capsules
- $39.95

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Amare FundaMentals Pack
The World's First Award Winning Gut-Brain
Axis Nutrition System
Our gut produces more neurotransmitters,
such as dopamine and serotonin, than our brain.
30 Servings
$234.00 - $159.95

Amare MentaFocus
Proprietary pomegranate extract, studies show to increase short-term and long-term memory, enhance brain activation, and improve both working and recognition memory.
60 Caps/30 Servings
$60.00 - $54.95

Amare Mood+
Scientific studies show
benefits for mood support
 such as relief from
anxious feelings, sadness, restlessness, and
overall stress relief.
60 Caps/30 Servings
$80.00 - $69.95
laminine better sleep
Rebalance Cells in
the body. Aids in Brain Function, Stress,
Depression. Best Nights Sleep, etc. 120 Capsules
$175.00 - $154.95

Amare Kids FundaMentals
Supports the entire gut-brain axis (GBX) of growing kids and teens. Featuring nutrients scientifically to improve mental wellness.
30 Servings

$90.00 - $76.95

Rebuilding healthy brain
chemistry that has been altered or depleted by the
long-term use of anti-anxiety drugs & marijuana.
90 Capsules - $39.00

Brain Boost Daily
Optimize your brain function, delivers the focus, clarity,
has the power to improve
brain and memory function
by reducing oxidative
damage and inflammation
and age-related decline.
60 capsules $49.95 - $25.95

Support for
of Neurotransmitters
Depleted by the Long
Term Use of Alcohol
90 Capsules - $39.00


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