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laminine from lpgn
Laminine is a stem cell regeneration that contains
the FGF, marine proteins
and phyto proteins.
Be Happier, Calmer, Focused & get the Best Nights Sleep without Drugs!

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Laminine 30 Caps $49. or $37.
Laminine 120 Caps $185. or $139.

lifepharm global cellnergy wellness power cream
Cellnergy Power Cream
Got Pain?
Get Instant Welcomed Relief!
Designed to help you with the fight against joint pains and give you instant relaxation.
5.07 fl oz. 150ml $55.95
in Stock
Only Zelle, Check/Money Order

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lifepharm global cellnergy wellness wand
Cellnergy Wellness Wand
Helps increase blood circulation, aiding in nutrient delivery and waste removal* Helps to reduce inflammation, alleviating pain and discomfort* and much more!
2 Year Warranty

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Wellness Wand $350.00

Laminine Omega +++
More pliable arteries and blood vessels Balanced cholesterol levels. Good Circulation.
Also strengthened
with vitamin K2, CoQ10.
30 Capsules

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30 capsules $49.00
Subscribe & Save $37.00 

laminine immune plus
Power of Vitamin C. A source called Life-C Blend. Boost your body's production of white blood cells and T cells.
30 Tablets

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Immune+++ $45. 0r $34.

lpgn xtrim shape plus
eXtrim Shape+
Blocks carbs, blocks sugars, blocks fats,
and helps to Curb cravings
and Cleanses the colon.
60 Tablets

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eXtrim $65.or $49.

omnia skin health
OMNIA - Skin Health
Promotes healthy and glowing skin.* Helps improve skin's moisture and elasticity.*
Helps prevent wrinkles and sun damage by defending against photo-aging and UVB exposure
to skin.* Supports nail growth.
0 Capsules

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Omnia 30 Caps $59. or $44.

lifepharm global lamiderm
Lamiderm APEX
The proprietary fruit extract blend of kiwi, strawberry, pomegranate, blueberry and cranberry helps to restore damaged skin and regenerate skin cells. The combination of CoQ10, and vitamins C and E fight free radicals.

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Lamiderm 15ml $60. or $45.

Lamiderm 50ml $195. or $146.


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