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IMMUNE+++ is a proprietary triple shield formula that offers a unique vitamin C source called Life-C Blend.

IMMUNE+++ is also fortified with an Opti-Shield Blend of Reishi and Maitake mushrooms, that is studied for defense against certain viruses and bacteria. Herb and Botanical Blend in IMMUNE+++ contains a high antioxidant blend of berries and pomegranate.

These three blends have been shown to work together to boost your bodyís production of white blood cells and T cells.

When IMMUNE+++ and Laminine were taken together, the benefits of IMMUNE+++ were even more striking.

These cells are necessary for helping to protect against foreign invaders and eliminate mutated and dead cells in your body.

By increasing your bodyís production of these cells, you are strengthening your immune systemís self-defense.
  • Provides as much vitamin C as 8 oranges!*

  • Increases white blood cells and T cells to help fight viruses, bacteria and mutated cells.*

  • Supports healthy skin, blood vessel integrity, prostrate and breast tissues, brain and neurological functions and other organs.*

  • Life-C blend rapidly absorbs into the body, providing up to 24 hours of immune defense.*

  • When IMMUNE+++ and Laminine are taken together, the benefits of IMMUNE+++ are further enhanced.*

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Science Video: You can have more
control over your body than you think

We encase the IMMUNE+++ formula with an enteric coating to help it withstand acidic conditions in the stomach. This protects the supplement from dissolving in the stomach, allowing it to reach the small intestine for proper absorption*.

Highest quality ingredients:

* Opti-Shield Blend
- Polysaccharide Complex composed of extra from plants and mushrooms
- Reishi, Maitake & Turkey Tail Mushrooms

* Life-C Blend
- Pure Vitamin C known as Ascorbic Acid, with a unique delivery system so it enters the body faster and stays in the body longer*

* Herb and Botanical Blend

- Camu Camu
- Acerola
- Ashwagandha
- Sea Buckthorn
- Pomegranate

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Q: What is LifePharm Global Network IMMUNE+++?
A: IMMUNE+++ is a daily supplement that strengthens the immune system, provides up to 24-hour immune defense, and gives the body the tools it needs to fight off foreign substances. It is a triple defense system composed of the Opti-Shield Blend, Life-C Blend, and an Herb and Botanical Blend*.

Q: When is the best time to take IMMUNE+++?
A: IMMUNE+++ is best taken 1 to 2 times daily at meal time.

Q: How many IMMUNE+++ tablets should I take?
A: The suggested daily usage for IMMUNE+++ is 1 to 2 tablets daily.

Q: Does IMMUNE+++ need to be refrigerated?
A: IMMUNE+++ is best kept in a cool, dry place, but it does not need to be refrigerated.

Q: How many tablets are in each bottle of IMMUNE+++?
A: Each bottle of IMMUNE+++ contains 30 tablets.

Q: Are there any adverse reactions for IMMUNE+++?
A: There are no documented cases of adverse reactions to IMMUNE+++. When taken as recommended, IMMUNE+++ is safe and effective*.

Q: Why are there multiple sources of Vitamin C in IMMUNE+++?
A: In IMMUNE+++, the Life-C Blend is a pure form of Vitamin C, combined with citrus bioflavonoids and lipid metabolites that increase the potency of the pure Vitamin C and help it get in the body faster and stay in the body longer, offering up to 24-hour immune defense. The Herb and Botanical Blend is a combination of natural ingredients that help the body fight off viruses and infections while offering an immune boost. The two work together with the Opti-Shield Blend to boost the bodyís overall immune system, giving the body the tools it needs to fight off potentially dangerous infections and viruses. Additionally, Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory, tissue-recovery and collagen-building benefits, which is why there is more than just one source of Vitamin C*.

Q: Am I getting too much Vitamin C from IMMUNE+++?
A: The recommended daily value of Vitamin C varies from 85 mg to 2,000 mg per day, the upper range being well above the levels in IMMUNE+++. Additionally, because Vitamin C is water-soluble, the body will eliminate any Vitamin C it doesnít use.

Q: Can I take more over-the-counter forms of Vitamin C and receive the same benefit as I would from IMMUNE+++?
A: IMMUNE+++ is a combination of the Opti-Shield Blend, Life-C Blend and an Herb and Botanical Blend, so it is not just another Vitamin C product. The Vitamin C that is in IMMUNE+++ is fueled by a unique delivery system that makes it more potent and effective than common Vitamin C products on the market today*.

Q: For how long do I need to take IMMUNE+++ before I notice results?
A: The effects of IMMUNE+++ will vary by individual. Some may feel positive benefits in a short period of time and others may have to take the product longer to notice a change.

Q: If I have a difficult time swallowing supplements, can I grind up IMMUNE+++ and put it in food or beverages?
A: Yes, you can grind up the tablet and add it to food or beverages.

Q: If Iím already not feeling well, can I take more IMMUNE+++?
A: IMMUNE+++ is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any condition. It is a natural dietary supplement that boosts the bodyís immune defense and response to illness-causing organisms. If you are feeling unwell, itís best to speak with your physician.

Q: Do I need to take IMMUNE+++, Laminine, Laminine OMEGA+++ and DIGESTIVE+++?
A: Any of the four can be taken individually for specific health needs. However, all of the bodyís various systemsóimmune, digestive and circulatoryófunction less efficiently as we age. As all the systems are interconnected, when one weakens all are affected. It's important to keep all of our bodyís systems functioning optimally. When they are, the beneficial nutrients that we put in our bodies, such as Laminine, can be even more effective. This is why the best health benefits can come from taking the products together*.

IMMUNE+++ is a triple defense formula sourced from high quality, natural ingredients that are proven safe and effective to strengthen your immune system*.

ē Better ability to fight off germs and infections ē Faster recovery from colds ē Rapid immune response
ē Reduced inflammation

IMMUNE+++ is a combination of the Opti-Shield Blend, Life-C Blend and Herb & Botanical Blend that together offer a triple punch against viruses and bacteria and keep our immune system healthy and functioning well.

Here is what people are saying:

"I'm going to be sharing IMMUNE+++ with the members on my team as well as anyone who is not feeling well. I will be teaching people how IMMUNE+++ is a way to stay healthy, especially during flu season. Personally, I have been taking Laminine for nearly four years now and am usually healthy. However, recently I had debilitating head discomfort accompanied by chills, loss of appetite and nausea. On the second day of taking IMMUNE+++, I could already feel my temperature normalizing and by the third morning, the terrible head discomfort was gone. I continued to take IMMUNE+++ for a total of seven days and my winter aches and discomforts did not come back." - RS M., U.S.A.

"I took two IMMUNE+++ in the morning and two at night. After 3.5 days, my congestion cleared up. After seven days, I no longer had a sore throat or watery eyes. You bet Iíll be telling everyone about IMMUNE+++ and how I really believe in it! Iíll especially be telling people who have compromised immune systems or are around others with the flu. Personally, I didnít need to see the doctor and am happy about that. Now Iím taking one in the morning and one at night to stay well." - Karen M., U.S.A.

"I started to take IMMUNE+++ and little by little, I felt better. After three days, I could really feel a difference. I didnít have my head discomfort and was no longer congested. After five days, my throat felt better. I will definitely be sharing my results with other people. Iíll tell them how it improved immunity and recuperation, because IMMUNE+++ helped me recover fast." - Adina R., U.S.A.

"People around me at work are down and out with the flu. Some have had it for two monthsóitís the type that comes back after you think itís gone! IMMUNE+++ really helped me. I didnít have to miss any days of work, and I didnít have to take to bed. I would say I did 500 times better than the others, and I will tell them about it. Iím going to continue taking IMMUNE+++ because I want to stay well. Iím on the mend and going to order more for my son and 85-year-old mother." - Roxane H., U.S.A.

"I canít pinpoint how IMMUNE+++ made me feel better, but I am sure it did! I actually had a lingering cold since before Christmas. It went on and on. Then I started the 7-day IMMUNE+++ challenge the last week of January. I love natural stuffóIím someone who canít take antibiotics. Iím telling people about it, because theyíve seen me sick for so long and Iím finally feeling a lot better. Iím ready to reorder IMMUNE+++." - Kristy T., U.S.A.

"When I started taking IMMUNE+++, I was just starting to feel under the weather. After the first two days, I already felt better. Five days in, I feel free and clear. I will be sharing my results with all my contacts and whenever I meet people. For me, the most impressive part of my experience with IMMUNE+++ is that I worked a trade show where there is always a lot of dust. Normally, I tend to be congested for days afterwards. This time, because I was taking IMMUNE+++, I could breathe freely during and after the trade show. And, IMMUNE+++ stopped me from having a full blown attack." - Patrick K., U.S.A.

"IMMUNE+++ is a great product to maintain good immune health. I took it for 10 days, two in the morning and two in the evening, to help fight the bug. I felt it gave me a lot more energy. Iím telling everybody about IMMUNE+++, especially how helpful it is during the winter season. Not only will I order it for personal use, but Iíll be using it as a business-building tool. Currently, my daughter, sonin-law, mother-in-law and wife are all using IMMUNE+++. I will be using IMMUNE+++ all the time now." - Serghei E., U.S.A.

"I have a compromised immune system. When I get sick, I have to be very careful it doesnít turn into something major. When I started to get sick, I could feel it behind my eyes. Typically when that happens, it becomes severe. This time, I took IMMUNE+++ and my body just loved it! I started taking IMMUNE+++ on a Thursday and could feel it resonate. Within three days, I felt as if I was entirely better. On Sunday, I felt like it was coming back, but I was still taking the IMMUNE+++ and I was well again in two days. Itís important for me to take measures to remain healthy, so I will be taking IMMUNE+++ for maintenance. I can definitely tell a difference with it. I will be ordering it for my 95-year-old neighbor who lives alone and is completely independent. Even though heís healthy, I think itís important for someone his age to have something that will keep his immune system strong." - Patricia H., U.S.A.

"I was experiencing a range of winter aches and discomforts when I began taking IMMUNE+++. Within three days, they were gone. I continued to take IMMUNE+++ for a total of seven days and am really impressed with the results. None of the discomforts came back. I really need to share this terrific product with others. Iíve sent it to my granddaughter who has immune issues and I want to get the word out to everyone. I will be sending an email to all my friends to let them know about IMMUNE+++. Together with Laminine, I think this is a great product to help build a business. Iíll be taking it for maintenance." - Sharon H., U.S.A.

"Before I started on IMMUNE+++, I chronically had a sore throat as well as nasal drip and congestion. I live in Puerto Rico, an island where we constantly receive dust from the Sahara desert. This affects the atmosphere and our population feels the effects of this situation. On the third day of taking IMMUNE+++, the nasal drip and congestion stopped. My throat was back to normal. ďI am still taking IMMUNE+++ since I want to try to stabilize my health in every area. I am telling others about my experience, since almost everyone has many health challenges and LPGN products can give them positive results without side effects. I am also sharing with my downline so they may also experience the positive outcome I had with IMMUNE+++. I look forward to developing my LPGN business step by step and helping others learn about our excellent company and the opportunity to increase their income, make a solid career and become successful!" - Monse A., Puerto Rico

"I was suffering from a stomach virus and experienced such a deep fatigue that I could barely get out of bed. I started to notice my energy coming back on day two of taking IMMUNE+++. I also began to sleep better and get more rest. I felt the effects of the IMMUNE+++ very quickly. Iíve shared it with my wifeóshe is not ill but I believe it will help her stay healthy. I will be taking IMMUNE+++ to maintain my health and plan to share it with people, as I gradually will build a business." - Michael C., U.S.A.

"I was sick for a whole week and had been drained of energy. Then my bottle of IMMUNE+++ arrived. Within three or four days, I felt better. I really think it helped me recover faster. Iíve already told my friend who has the flu about it and have also shared it with another friend with an immune disorder. IMMUNE+++ is a great product to always have on hand, especially during the winter months." - Hilary S., U.S.A.

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