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Go Time
30 Sticks

Zennoa GO Time Power Stick

Harness healthy energy. GO TIME helps to optimize your physical and mental performance while assisting you with your weight loss goals and keeping you refreshed and hydrated.

Lose Weight with Healthy Energy

GO TIME is a power packed antioxidant rich blend for healthy energy and appetite suppression to support your weight loss goals. Now is the time for GO TIME

It’s time to start your day off right. It’s time to get the healthy energy you need for extra stamina in your workout. It’s time to start losing weight with a healthy boost of botanical’s used for centuries as ancestral remedies.

Weight Loss

Promotes healthy sugar levels, metabolism and a feeling of satiety.


Promotes a natural and sustaining energy boost without the negative side effects or the "rush" and "crash" that added sugar and caffeine can cause.


Encourages you to drink more water and provides a proprietary blend of ingredients for healthy hydration.


 Helps Boost Energy
  Non-habit Forming
  Supports Weight Loss & Weight Management
  Helps Support Appetite Suppression
  Encourages Circulation & Sustained Energy Levels

  Provides Antioxidants
  Promotes Hydration
  Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  Helps Increase Concentration & Brain Function
  Helps Relieve Stress


As a busy mom I’m constantly on the go and I often run out of energy mid-day. GO TIME has replaced my afternoon coffee. Not only do I have a boost of energy, I don’t feel as hungry and find that I’m snacking less.
Kate - Wife, Mother, Busy Career

I used to have an energy drink before and after my workout.
I started replacing it with GO TIME and I feel great.
I would typically come home and crash after the gym.
Now I find that I continue to have a stream of natural energy that lasts through the day.
Cam - Student, High School Football Coach

Raw Ingredients:

GO TIME contains a proprietary combination of nature’s best compounds for energy, focus, and weight loss.

When your body is hydrated, your mind and body are energized, alert and healthier.

Green tea is loaded with powerful antioxidants and nutrients that have been shown to support weight loss and appetite suppression.
Cacao extract promotes circulation, sustained energy levels and supports heart heath, cholesterol levels, and weight loss.
Apple cider vinegar is a natural appetite inhibitor which also has anti bacterial and anti fungal effects.
Stevia is a calorie free substance which helps support healthy blood sugar levels and promotes satiety.

Yerba Mate is sourced from the naturally caffeinated leaves of the South American rainforest holly tree. It helps support heart health, weight management, and healthy blood sugar.

Organic Rice Fiber supports liver health, brain health, and cardiovascular health.

Apples are high in antioxidants and can help support healthy blood sugar levels, lung function, cholesterol, as well as help optimize strength and power adaption in trained men and women.

Cordyceps extract helps increase blood flow and energy production while helping support antioxidant and healthy cholesterol levels.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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