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ReVtalux Joint Health, Skin Health & Excellent Sleep!

vivalize revitalux

vivalize revitalux

Revitalux was developed to support and maintain joint health, radiant skin, and promote restful sleep by boosting natural overnight repair,
regeneration and rejuvenation functions.*

Revitalux is the New Anti-Aging Factor that enhances your overall health and sense of well-being.*

It's no secret that today's modern world threatens our health in various ways. Environmental contaminants, overly processed foods and more can create a maelstrom of toxins that can speed up the aging process, encourage disease and have a big impact on overall health.

A primary concern for many is that of the chronic discomfort/pain resulting from aging, injury and other factors. Back and joint pain/discomfort affect significant percentage of the population, and people everywhere are seeking true relief.

Luckily, there's a solution: Introducing Revitalux!

Revitalux is powered by precollagen, which is a polypeptide (a substance from which proteins are made) that promotes the production of healthy joint cartilage as well as collagen and elastic fibers that...

Support vibrant skin

Unfortunately, after 20 years of age, precollagen production gradually decreases and by the time we reach the age of 60, our body produces less than 70% of the precollagen that is needed to feel young and healthy. This decline in production is what leads to the onset of joint and back pain as well as wrinkles, bags under the eye, skin problems and more.

Revitalux works to supply your body with the precollagen needed to trigger your body into producing more collagen, thus helping to...

Strengthen The Joints, Rejuvenate the Skin, Most Importantly it Helps you feel your best!

The Smart choice to Support Joint Cartilage and Skin Health!

With the passing of years comes aging, and with it, inevitable challenges such as joint and back pain, wrinkles, sleep disorders and more...

Revitalux provides our body with the necessary nutrition to help fight some of the evils that aging brings over time.

What is its secret?

Our health relies mainly on the perfect balance between the nutrients found in the environment and those found inside our body.

The Regenerative Factor Blend in Revitalux achieves a perfect synergistic balance between its ingredients that make this product truly unique. It is composed primarily of Precollagen polypeptides, which have a significant impact on our joints and skin well-being.

As well, the synergistic action of Glycine, Magnesium, Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate, Citrulline, Boron, Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid, makes this proprietary blend, the ideal solution to ensure and maintain optimal joint and skin health.

Revitalux has proven to significantly support cartilage, healthy joint function and skin appearance.

vivalize revitalux

vivalize revitalux

vivalize revitalux

vivalize revitalux

vivalize revitalux"> vivalize revitalux

Revitalux: Head-to-toe Benefits

What can Revitalux do for you?
The whole-body benefits you can enjoy from using Revitalux include:

vivalize revitalux

What Others Are Saying

I recently had surgery to remove a few "female" organs. A friend recommended that I take Revitalux to be able to sleep better and that it was going to help me heal faster. The first couple of days following the surgery were understandably painful and I elected to take the pain killers the surgeon had prescribed me. I couldn't believe that I was able to sleep almost immediately after putting my head on the pillow and after 2 days I was strong enough to stop taking pain medication as I was really feeling much better.

2 weeks after my surgery I had my follow appointment with my surgeon. After her examination, she just looked at me and asked what else I took beside the medication she had prescribed. When I told her that I started taking Revitalux since the second day after surgery, she wanted to know more about it.

She mentioned that my healing process was REMARKABLE and that she had never witnessed any such rapid healing since she started her practice. I knew she would notice how quickly I had improved so I had decided to take a bottle with me to show her. She is now recommending Revitalux to her patients! I still take the product every night before bed and wouldn't dream about running out of it EVER!
G.S., FL

Last year I was diagnosed with PMR (polymyalgiarumatica), and was so tired all the time and I just ached all over, had no ambition when I woke up in the morning and throughout the day, (ordinarily, I'm a very active person). The only help my doctor could give me was Prednisone.

I got in touch with Gen S. and with her help I started taking Revitalux. In just 2 months I have ambition, my aches are mostly limited to mornings, and most important of all, is my attitude and outlook has improved. Thank you for all your help
L.M., SD

I've been using Revitalux for a couple of weeks and I'm very impressed. I have had a severe skin condition for most of my life, my hands have looked a lot older than the rest of me. I had been using the Revitalux for just a few days when my hands began to look and feel softer. The skin on my forearms looks firmer, too.
L., ID

I have been in the health supplement business for over 35 years and have never had a product that works so fast and so well. I found Revitalux, a natural product that does more than I could imagine. It has helped my torn rotor cup injury and lower back pain. Nothing I have ever used compares to Revitalux.

The wrinkles on my face within 7 days started to tighten up and my neck skin is tighter. This product is amazing. I recently ran out and cut the plastic bottle open just to scrape the last bit out till my next bottle arrived. I wont be with out this product ever again, the results are just too good.
Mike V.

For over 10 years now I have been suffering from painful arthritis in both my shoulders, lower back and hips. I could hardly lift both arms up passed my shoulder level or carry grocery bags heavier than a couple of Lbs. without cringing in pain. As a consequence, the pain was preventing me from sleeping properly waking up at least 3 to 4 times each night. I have been sleep deprived for years!

I have been aware of the benefits of collagen for years and having tried multiple products without any true benefit, I was skeptical about trying yet another product.

A good friend introduced me to Revitalux and told me that there was a great difference between collagen and procollagen and that my only risk was to be relieved from the nagging pain I have been living with.

I was amazed that the first night I took the product, I was able to sleep for 5 uninterrupted hours. I had not experienced deep sleep in over 7 years. I also felt a very positive energy during the day which contributed largely in my being in a better mood. Within 1 week and to my total amazement, I was actually able to raise my arm over my head and get dressed in the morning without the debilitating pain that I felt every time I had to slip my arm into the sleeve of a sweater or coat.

I no longer have any pain whatsoever! To top it all I have also noticed a great improvement as far as the tightness of the skin under my doesn't wiggle anymore! I have finally found a natural product that delivers far more than expected and will NEVER be without it. Nothing compares to Revitalux
G.G., Canada

For the greater part of my life, I have done one thing which identifies who I am...I RUN. Once, I held the Guinness World Record for running across the USA in 48 days. My portfolio includes running across 40 different countries and logging more than 250,000 miles. My life is about health, fitness, and helping people achieve their quality of life.

Reflecting upon my journey, I have always been a student of human performance. Early in my life, while tending to farm chores I reasoned if I ate certain foods, I couldn't run comfortably. I feel it is so true we are what we eat.

Long ago I learned about the importance of precollagen, especially and specifically to the knees. A few months ago, I was introduced to Revitalux. I am beyond pleasantly surprised. Creeping little aches and pains, I attributed to being 77 years old, no longer greet me upon awakening. I am feeling the vigor, ease, and increased pace on my daily training runs. Who says we should ever succumb to the lie, "Well, we are getting older?"

Now this is the wildest part of this story, I am sleeping more soundly. I only know, I feel whole, complete, and restored. I now refer to Revitalux as my secret ingredient. Going the extra mile is a vital part of what I do.

For me, "Revitalux...The Difference Maker"
I approve of this message.
Stan Cottrell

World Distance Runner
People to People Good-Will Ambassador
Catalytic Influencer

vivalize revitalux

vivalize revitalux


Q. Revitalux is taken before going to sleep, but why should I avoid falling asleep, waking up, drinking it, and then going back to sleep?
A. Recent studies have confirmed that the first 45 minutes are the deepest stages of sleep, which is when your body goes into repair mode and needs the raw material (precollagen) to repair tissue. If you fall asleep and lose this precious period of time, you will have lost more than 90% of Revitalux's potency.

Q. Can I take Revitalux after consuming alcoholic beverages?
A. Yes

Q. How long will it take to start noticing results?
A. From a few days to 30 days, but the best results are felt after 3 months of continuous use.

Q. Can I take Revitalux if I am taking any medications?
A. There are no contraindications to taking Revitalux with any medication, that we know of. We recommend that you please consult your health care professional prior to taking Revitalux or any other dietary supplement.

Q. Can I take Revitalux if I am diabetic and suffer from high blood pressure?
A. Yes, however, we recommend that you please consult your health care professional prior to taking Revitalux or any other dietary supplement.

Q. Can I be allergic to Revitalux?
A. No, unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients clearly specified on our product label. We recommend that you please consult your health care professional prior to taking Revitalux or any other dietary supplement.

Q. Do I have to keep Revitalux refrigerated?
A. No, not even after it has been opened, but you could If you wish.

Q. Will Revitalux help me have a better sleep?
A. Yes, although Revitalux is not intended to be a sleeping aid, Revitalux promotes a deeper sleep cycle.
You will experience better sleep, wake up feeling more rested and have a much better disposition throughout the day.

Q. Can Revitalux cause weight gain?
A. No, on the contrary, many people experience weight loss while taking Revitalux. It works!

Q. Can I take Revitalux if I am pregnant?
A. No. We recommend you do not take if pregnant.

Q. Can anyone take Revitalux?
A. We do not recommend sharing Revitalux if you are under the age of 18.

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