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celluvation beauty crystals
Youth Crystals
Frequency of Glutathione,
Hydrogen, Vitamin C, CHG, Collagen,
Elastin and Infra Red, Oxaloacetate Acid
celluvation beauty crystals
Brain Crystals
Frequency of  Hydrogen,
Infra Red, Serotonin, Dopamine.
Geared towards learning,
memory, recall, and focus.
celluvation beauty crystals
Energy Crystals
Hydrogen, Infra Red,
Anti EMF and RF frequency
the same you find on
cell phone protectors.
celluvation coffee
Celluvation Ketone Coffee+
Enhanced with Proprietary
Frequency Wave Force
of Ketones, Far Infrared,
Hydrogen, Glutathione & B12
12 ounces (340 grams)

MicroDaily Plus with CBD
Works at your body's cellular
and neurological levels
to help with: Mood and Immune Function, Anxiety and Depression,
Fear and PTSD,
Pain and Migraines, etc.
visi trima max weightloss
Visi TrimaMax
Herbs and botanicals, including the Arctic Cloudberry and Lingonberry, that
create a powerful
Weight loss supplement.
celluvation gels
Gel No 2 Face
Has the frequency
of CHG activates the
Pituitary Gland to help
produce more CHG
Cellular Hydration frequency of a complete
191 amino acids.

LurraFit Capsules
Energy Supplement
All-day natural energy and appetite control! 
This BLOWS away everything on the market. IT WORKS!
OMNIA - Skin Health
Proven ingredients to protect against cell damage, promote skin cell growth, fulfill nutrient deficiency and promote youthful aging.

Fulvic Minerals
Fulvic Minerals are an amazing delivery system. Minerals, Vitamins and other nutrients can bond to Fulvic Acid and be effectively delivered into the cells of the body.

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