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adn pureaquamins
Helps remove up 99.9% of
Chlorine, fluoride, anaerobic
bacteria, viruses, protozoa,
pesticides, herbicides,
fungicides, heavy metals,
2 oz - 2 bottles - $49.95

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jc tonic youth juice
JC Tonic Youth Solution+
A safe and effective
anti-aging solution
formulated to balance,
energize and cleanse
all of the body systems.
32 Ounces
$79.99 - $74.95
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touchstone essentials pure body
Pure Body - Zeolite Drops 
Toxins are the dirty little
secret of the world we live in,
found in our food, water,
air and personal care products.
Change the Behavior
of your kids & learning!
Everyone can Benefit!
30-day supply - $38.95
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adn wild conk
Wild Conk
Is considered one
of the most powerful
weapons in fighting
against illness and disease.
2 oz bottle - $53.95
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touchstone essentials pure body extra
Pure Body Extra
Exposure to toxins starts
even before we’re born.
Everyone can Benefit
Change the Behavior
of your kids & learning!
Read the Testimonies!
93 Servings - $75.95
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aqua min from afh club
A powerful electrolyte
of more than 70 ionic trace
minerals and
natural plant complexes
including fulvic acid.
4 oz - 96 Servings
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american dream pure02
Pure02 Oxygen
Better energy efficiency,
mental clarity,
and improved recovery
from physical stressors.
1 bottle - $49.95 Order Here

3 Btls -
$124.95 Order Here
 touchstone fulvic minerals
Fulvic Minerals+
Trace minerals, and natural
zeolite to support energy,
immunity, and detox.
immune support
and digestive health.
30 Servings -
$59.95 - $49.95
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aqua ph fx alkalizing water enhancer
Alkalizing Water Enhancer
Instantly and permanently
raises the pH of water by
2 full points to
make it more alkaline.
4 oz - 96 Servings
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anovite oxyquest
OxyQuest Oxygen Drops
Is alkaline and contains
only negatively charged
electrolytes of oxygen.
Formulated with two of the
most abundant and important
electrolytes in body fluids:
sodium and chloride.
2 fluid ounces - $41.95
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3 Bottles for $119.95

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