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LiteBurnliteburn thermagenic weightloss - Thermogenic Fat Burn
The No Hungry Pill

All Natural Weight Loss, LiteBurn, encourages healthy weight loss using thermogenesis to increase metabolism. Garcinia Cambogia works to suppress food cravings and reduce the production of fat cells, while promoting the growth of healthy fat resistant cells. LiteBurn is not only a weight loss aid Ė it increases the blood flow to the brain, promoting motivation, improving mood, and boosting energy.

liteburn appetite control supplement facts

liteburn fat burn supplement facts

Works for both Men and Women!

Directions for use: Take one (1) capsule, on an empty stomach with at least 8-10 oz of water. Consuming late in the day may impair sleep. Do not exceed 2 capsules daily
**For the best individual results, serving times may vary**

For Optimal Results:
Eat a reduced calorie diet.

It provides 24 hour support against damaging free radicals, and may help protect the body from cancer, cardiovascular disease, viruses, and inflammation.

Lose inches/lose weight - Garcina Cambogia may add in the reduction of fat cells forming, and increase weight loss. Plum Extract helps you to lose weight by keeping your cells in an alkaline state. Cells in a healthy body are bathed in an alkaline fluid. In the body an acidic environment (opposite of alkaline) causes an imbalance in these cells, which can lead to sickness and storing extra fat in the body tissue. When combined with plenty of rest, exercise and healthy eating, LiteBurn can help you achieve your weight loss goals in no time! Fat Burner

Thermogenic Fat Burner - LiteBurn acts as a Thermongenic: When you exercise, you naturally increase your body's core temperature, thus boosting your metabolism naturally. Our herbal thermogenic fat burners cause your body temperature to increase in a similar fashion, whether or not you are exercising, thus boosting your metabolism naturally and giving you rapid results!

Reduce Cravings & Appetite - Garcinia Cambogia, is a fruit from Southeast Asia. This amazing herb controls hunger and cravings while boosting mood and energy. It is a unique herb, as it targets belly fat reduction while helping to build lean muscle tissue. Take one or two capsules a day to increase energy and decrease hunger cravings. Boost Energy

Boost Energy - LiteBurn's unique, herbal synergistic blend provides a natural boost of energy without the crash.

Enhance Mood - Our balance of vitamins and herbs helps to increase serotonin levels, restore your balance, improve your mood and promote feelings of well-being. Increased levels of serotonin are known to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain which can be highly beneficial, leading to not only better mood but also improved motivation, energy levels, and memory. With LiteBurn youíll feel happier with your personal physique, leading to less stress, more energy, and a more joyous, balanced life.


"I used LiteBurn for 30 days and lost 8 pounds. I didnít change my eating habits, I just found that I wasnít as hungry as I used to be." - Joey H.


"I love the LiteBurn formula. And, I used one whole bottle as samples to give to all of my friends. All of them love it too. We average losing 4 pounds in 7 days by only taking 1 capsule per day." - DR. from Oklahoma


"After taking LiteBurn for 2 weeks I noticed I was losing inches from my waist. My wife said I look slimmer and that is a good thing. I also had an extra boost in my energy levels." -Tony G.

"I take Lite Burn as soon as I wake up in the morning before I go to my work out and it gives me the energy I need. Karl K.

"I love the smooth energy from taking the Lite Burn formula and I averaging 4 pounds per week and I am losing inches." -JI. from Florida.

"I lost 2 pounds in 4 days by taking 1 capsule of Lite Burn formula a day." Melissa Smith

"I love the smooth energy from taking the Lite Burn formula and I averaging 4 pounds per week and I am losing inches." - AD from Georgia

"I take Lite Burn as soon as I wake up in the morning before I go to my work out and it gives me the energy I need. Throughout the day I feel alert and positive, and I no longer crave unhealthy snacks. My first month on Lite Burn and working out I lost 4 lbs. and 2% body fat. It's amazing!" - Heather B

I was excited to start taking LiteBurn myself after I gave a friend of mine a bottle and he lost 10 pounds without starving himself. Like me, he had tried everything he knew of but was unsuccessful at losing the weight that he needed to lose.

For me, LiteBurn works because I no longer crave sweets and am able to control my appetite. I have found that I can no longer eat the portions of food that I was eating before I started taking LiteBurn. Not only does this help me to not gain weight, but I am saving money by only eating half portions. And the Energy I get from this is amazing.

If you are trying to lose weight, I definitely recommend giving LiteBurn a try. Itís worth it.
Adrian Mathews, with Country Health Store

Warning: Not intended for use by person 17 years or younger without the supervision of a health professional and parent/guardian. Keep out of reach of children. Not for use by persons who are pregnant/nursing, sensitive to caffeine, a medical condition, or are taking MAO inhibitor or ADHD drugs. Consumption contrary to warning may cause adverse health effects. If unpleasant effects occur, discontinue use.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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