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Produced from the Mycelium (or special strand) of a younger Red Mushroom, our Excellium, also known as "The Brain Tonic," contains a spectrum of ingredients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, carbohydrates and proteins) considered essential for development and function of the brain.

Excellium is suitable for both children and adults.

Some things in Nature just make terrific brain food. So our product development team created a very special kind of "brain food" that is as pure as it is purely effective.

excellium supplement

Using the Mycelium part of the mushroom, Excellium was found to contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and amino acids that can improve effective brain function, and produce the mental stamina you need to get through a very tough day.

And it's excellent for both children and adults. Combined with Gano Excel's own Ganoderma, Excellium works synergistically to become what many believe is the best mind/body tandem in nutrition today.

Excellium: Food for Thought.

excellium supplement facts

Ganoderma Mycelium.

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