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Cordyceps sinensis (also known as 'Dong Chong Xia Cao' or 'Semitake' in Japan) is one of the most valued medicinal mushrooms in Chinese medicine, and one of the most potent. The herb is especially useful in strengthening the body and mind with its ability to replenish energy, allowing one to cope with stress or the aging process and rejuvenate for optimal health.

Cordyceps have been proven to fight Breast Cancer and lower blood pressure.
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cordyceps supplement

cordyceps supplement for health

Each capsule contains 450mg or cordyceps sinensis. 

 "The most valuable Asian medicine known but it also it's a fungus and it invades caterpillars, that fungus has bee shown to fight breast cancer and to fight different types of skin cancers and Olympic Athletes have used it for performance enhancers."
- Dan Buettner

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