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The Amazing Science Behind
Micro Daily Plus with CBD!

$24 Million in Research. 14 Scientific Studies. 7 Human Clinical Trials.

Applying his lifetime of research, Dr. Prasad discovered that by adding CBD to Micronutrients the body's two primary inflammation fighting systems can be activated at the same time! 

The two systems activated with Micro Daily Plus are:

  • The Antioxidant System: Micronutrients activate this system to fight inflammation and oxidative stress at the cellular level.

  • The Endocannabinoid System: CBD activates this system to fight inflammation at the neurological level.

Micro Daily Plus CBD works at your body's cellular and neurological levels to help with:

  • Mood and Immune Function

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Fear and PTSD

  • Pain and Migraines

  • And much more!!!

Micro Daily (without CBD) - Military Tested so you can Trust that it works!!!

For people who do not suffer from chronic health issues, Micro Daily is Dr. Prasad's Micronutrient formula that is formulated to be the foundation of your daily health regimen.

The military trusted Dr. Prasad as the father of micronutrition and so can you. With 14 clinical studies and $24+million supporting its validation. Micro Daily is a formula that was tested to determine if it could help protect and repair your body's DNA at the cellular level.

How does Micro Daily Plus CBD compare to Micro Daily

The only difference is the CBD. Micro Daily Plus CBD is formulated to help people with more serious health issues. Micro Daily is formulated to provide you the daily micronutrients that you need to be the healthiest you.

Powerful Ingredients. Visible Results

Take a look at a few of the natural micronutrients that power Micro Daily and Micro Daily Plus CBD:


Protect cells from harmful effects of free radicals and promote healthy skin, a strong immune system, and eye health.


Nourish and protect the brain with Vitamin E Succinate that crosses the blood-brain barrier.


Fight the effects of free radicals and rid your body of dangerous heavy metals with the world's most powerful antioxidant, and natural derivative glutathione.


Synergistically enhance energy production, support cell growth, and protect cells from free radicals.


The only natural ingredient known to activate the endocannabinoid system to address inflammation and neutralize neuro receptors that cause pain, anxiety, depression and much more.

Real Science
Only high quality ingredients that are backed by real science.

The Most Validated Supplement Ever

Micro Daily is the result of a combination of the right antioxidant micronutrients in the proper quantities, using specific natural biologic forms. This groundbreaking formulation lays the foundation for our proprietary CQF standard, combination, quality, and form-the components necessary to ensure accuracy in unlocking the body's full potential by maximizing absorption and delivering maximum results.


With over $24 million dollars in public and private research spent to validate Micro Daily's efficacy, it has no rival. The research included 14 scientific studies and 7 human clinical trials. Four functional patents and 3 formulation patents later, Micro Daily is well protected as the world's most advanced and effective micronutrient supplement.

The following outlines the additional research that either directly
or indirectly contributed to the creation of Micro Daily.

Animal Studies Supporting Product Development
1. Murine radiation model; Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
2. Rabbit radiation model; NASA, Russian Academy of Sciences
3. Sheep radiation model; NASA, Russian academy of Sciences
4. Fruit fly (genetically altered) radiation model; Ames Research Center, NASA
5. Murine hyperbaric oxygen model; Naval Medical Research Center
6. Rodent overpressure blast model; Naval Medical Research Center
7. Rodent Parkinson's disease model; Meharry Medical College

Cooperative Research and Development Agreements
1. Space Act Agreement - NASA. "Development of a Successful Protection Formula Against Radiation-Induced Oxidative Injury in Vulnerable Populations."
2. US Navy CRADA - NMRC-06-2338 "Investigations into the Efficacy of an Antioxidant- containing Micronutrient Formulation for the Treatment of Hearing Loss and Balance Disorders Associated with Blast Injuries."
3. US Navy CRADA - NMRC-06-2383 "The Effects of Antioxidant Supplementation to Protect Against Cold at High Altitude."
4. US Army CRADA - W81XWH-07-0321 "Efficacy of Multiple Antioxidants in Reducing Damage Produced by Mustard Gas."
5. US Army CRADA - W91YTZ-10-P-0773 "Evaluation of the Effects of Micronutrients in Combination with Standard Therapy in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes."


Military Origins - Micro Daily was originally created for the military and later licensed for civilian distribution.

Why the US Military called Dr. Prasad The Father of Micronutrition

The US Military wanted to know if Dr. Prasad could create a micronutrient supplement capable of protecting our military personnel and enhancing their performance from the inside out. As the foremost expert on micronutrients with 26 books and over 250 published peer reviewed articles, Dr. Prasad had a simple answer - yes.

Unmatched Research Validation

After five years of work generating 14 clinical studies, receiving 7 patents, as well as research agreements with NASA, the Army and Navy at a total cost of $24+million Military Micronutrient Formula (now known as Micro Daily) was born.

The Next Big Breakthrough: The Perfect Combination - Micro Daily with CBD

To stay at the forefront of Micronutritional Science, Dr. Prasad is constantly conducting research and expanding his expertise on micronutrients. In 2018 alone, he published 4 scientific papers and the definitive book on Micronutrition.
- Micronutrients in Health and Disease

When Congress legalized the CBD in 2018, Dr. Prasad wanted to learn what CBD was all about. What he discovered exceeded his wildest expectations.

Micro Daily Plus CBD - New Product for people struggling with their Health

Dr. Prasad discovered that by adding CBD to Micronutrients the body's two primary inflammation fighting systems can be activated at the same time!

Micro Daily Plus CBD is the only product that activates these two systems:

The Antioxidant System - Micronutrients activate this system to fight inflammation and oxidative stress at the cellular level.

The Endocannabinoid System - CBD activates this system to fight inflammation at the neurological level.

Real Expertise

Dr. Kedar Prasad's impressive list of accomplishments:

  • First Radiation Biology Ph.D. in the USA and the world

  • Authored 25 books on micronutrients

  • Published more than 250 peer-reviewed articles

  • Member of the Nobel Prize Committee

Dr Kedar Prasad The Engage Difference - Our Chief Innovator

Dr. Kedar Prasad holds a Ph.D. in Radiation Biology from the University of Iowa, Iowa City, in 1963. As the first Radiation Biology Ph.D. ever, he received Post-doctoral training at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, Long Island, New York, and joined the Department of Radiology at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center where he became Professor and Director for the Center for Vitamins and Cancer Research.


  • First Radiation Biologist Ph.D. in the USA and the world
  • Authored 25 books on micronutrients
  • Published more than 250 peer-reviewed articles
  • Dedicated more than 40 years to the development of the CQF standard: the foundation for all Engage Global proprietary product formulations
  • President of the International Society of Nutrition and Cancer
  • Discovered the antineoplastic potency of Vitamin E Succinate
  • Member of the British Royal Academy of Medicine
  • Member of the Nobel Prize Nominating Committee for candidates in medicine
  • Worked with the US DOD to research antioxidant micronutrition to address the effects of trauma and stress associated with war
  • National Institute of Health awarded Dr. Prasad over $1 Million every year for 30 years for research and development.

Easily one of the most published experts on nutrition, cancer, neurological diseases and the effects that micronutrients and antioxidants have on each, Dr. Prasad is frequently sought after for his expertise and extensive experience with nutrition. When approached by the US DoD to help develop a product that would radically decrease the effects of trauma on the military forces, he developed the world’s most advanced daily supplement, Micro Daily. With more than 14 clinical behind it, its efficacy and value are proven.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
 Persons with pre-existing medical conditions should consult a health care professional.

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