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Youth Crystals
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Youth Crystals

Youth crystals have the Frequency of Glutathione, CHG and Hydrogen

Immune enhancement, hormonal balancing and inflammatory control.
The frequency of Hydrogen activates the NRF2 pathway that activates anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic and antioxidant genes. The liver function is improved and the bodies toxic load from the environment are handled better, so the whole body works better.

Our cellular rejuvenation beauty crystals come in a powder form and are programmed to behave like hydrogen. When we add the powder to water, we are telling the water to behave like the frequency of hydrogen.

celluvation beauty crystals

Once a day, add a one-gram scoop (provided) to an 8 oz. glass of water and drink immediately. Once the product is mixed with water, it is activated and should be consumed at once.

YOUTH is the main product which gives your body the energetic components to build your own collagen/elasti ( anti-aging). It was developed to primarily work on repairing skin, hair and bones. Users have reported the following benefits:

  • Hair regrowth, bald patches have gone thicker, hair growing faster, less grey hair, fuller eyelashes.

  • Skin looking more hydrated plump, soft and healthy, less wrinkly skin on face, neck, chest, arms, legs and reduced skin pigmentation, major skin repair from childhood skin conditions, skin scarring improvements.

  • Nails hardening, faster growth, smoothing out of fingernails.

YOUTH: Overall feeling of wellbeing, less pain, increased energy throughout the day, improved sleep, deeper sleep, improved menopausal symptoms (including reduction in hot flushes), less joint pain, acid reflux reduction, stronger bladder control.

celluvation youth crystals

These remarkably nutritionally dense and youthening plants are grown in unique locations that contain rare mineral soil profiles. The properties of these special plants are well known for their importance in all cellular development and especially in growing healthy and beautiful skin, hair, and nails, which is in direct alignment with the goals of Celluvation.

As we age, our personal esthetics often become more important us. Noticing the new changes in our skin and the graying or receding of our hair can also be disappointing.

The technology in Celluvation Cellular Rejuvenation Beauty Crystals was originally designed for infusion in bottled water because water is an excellent medium to hold and transfer this kind of programmed information. Our cells will readily accept this information (the body averages 65% water). Celluvation's founder created this proprietary energetic frequency technology to have powerful anti-aging properties to assist the body in reversing the ravages of time on our cells.

Part of how it does this is by increasing the level of intra-cellular water (ICW) in our cells. This uniquely infused form of water is very effective for this purpose. However, the environmental impact and chemical exposure associated with plastic bottles were unacceptable and the high cost of transporting glass bottles proved to be impractical! So, we sought an effective and feasible way to deliver this remarkable technology. With the use of an extraordinary formula of high-quality, purely organic, non-GMO, vegan ingredients (i.e., baobab fruit, rooibos tea, and acerola cherry.) We have found the perfect medium to accomplish this goal! The Celluvation Crystals basically act like a concentrate that activates with every glass of water, which allows people to integrate this routine easily into their busy lives. One container contains a 35-day supply of our crystals and provides the same energetic potency of our previous product (bottled water).


Intra-cellular water is the fluid inside your body’s cells. The cells of your muscles and organs (e.g., liver, kidney, brain) contain more water than fat cells. The closer you are to your ideal ICW levels, the more cells that contribute to your beneficial metabolism.

Tested June 10, 2015 Before drinking Crystals.
celluvation youth crystals graph

Extra-cellular water (ECW) is the portion of total body water located outside the body’s cells, such as in blood plasma, spinal fluid, joint fluids, and edema.

Tested June 23, 2015, After drinking Crystals
ICW has an Increase of 9% and ECW decreases 11%
celluvation youth crystals graph

In addition, by decreasing your extra-cellular water, you will look less bloated as your body is working with water in a far more efficient way. You will carry around less water weight.

Youth Crystals

celluvation crystals and hgh gels

"I am a Medical doctor with 35 years of experience. I am 60 years old, and I started taking the product in November 2018 and see the difference is visible - the face is fresher, the oval has changed, the eyelids are tightened! Plus - sleep has improved, the whole body has been tightened, cellulite has visibly reduced, weight has decreased by 3 kg - with a normal mode and a sedentary lifestyle now."
Dr. Lidiya A., Ukraine --- More Testimonies

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