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Energy Crystals
30 Servings - $69.95

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Energy Crystals

Celluvation's ENERGY is our latest answer for those of us who are tired all the time!

Many of us can attest to this and agree that there are days when we need to reach for that 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee to get going and then by 3pm in the afternoon, we crash and start looking for a pick me up.

We all know about doing something we like so much that we forget the time, let alone how tired we get and yet whilst doing what we like we are engaged and alert. We call it "the zone"

celluvation beauty crystals

Here at Celluvation we "Answer to a Different Calling".

We use 21st century cutting-edge technologies which deal with "Energetic Frequency".

Imagine if there is such a supplement that gives energy AND clarity without added caffeine.

We believe it helps you get into “The Zone”.... And stay there!

The full retail cost of 8 oz. of energetically enhanced CELLUVATION'S ENERGY PICK UP of $70 per jar,
comes with 30 1 gram servings which when taken once a day lasts you a whole month.

SERVING SUGGESTION: 1 gram serving in 8 oz of water, thus giving you 8 oz of finished product per serving.

The wholesale cost of on 8 oz serving is $1.67!

And... There is nothing even remotely even close to price and performance! (not even by half)

Why does it work?

Because we are "Celluvation" the "Energetic Formulator" for the 21st century.

We believe you'll really enjoy this unique kind of energy enhancement product.

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