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Amare GBX SuperFood
15 Servings
$40.00 - $34.95

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Amare GBX SuperFood

Amare GBX SuperFood is also the only phytonutrient supplement that delivers cellular anti-stress benefits that you can actually feel. It helps induce the production of natural anti-stress molecules inside our cells called Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs).

This is with the help of an Enzyme-Treated Asparagus Extract (ETAS™). These HSPs help protect cells from a variety of different stressors and even help with cellular cleanup processes to keep both our brains running at peak efficiency.*

Formulated to boost the gut microbiome and support the body’s gut-brain axis, this product features two powerful proprietary blends. The Anti-Stress Phytobiotic Proprietary Blend helps protect cells from damage by oxidative free radicals and inflammatory cytokines, helping the brain and gut run at peak efficiency. The Gut- Integrity Prebiotic Proprietary Blend provides a broad blend of prebiotic fibers to support a healthy microbiome and maintain overall gut integrity.*

Our GBX SuperFood comes in a delicious, all-natural Sweet Apple Berry flavor.
It is designed for everyday use to support a healthy lifestyle. Plus, it’s Reboot+ friendly
and works wonders to support an optimized Amare reboot! 


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