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Our great tasting, natural energy and immune boosting powdered drink mix is just the thing you’ll be craving any time you feel the need for a pick me up.

Easy pour packets are perfect for at home or on the go. Just add water and Feel the Vibe!

Contains no artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. With 20 calories per serving and only 1g total of organic sugar, you’ll be able to drink AQUA-VIBE as often as you like without the worry of adding pounds to your daily intake.

afh club energy booster

Not just energy... clean, healthy energy!
Finally, we have a delicious drink that contains a multitude of health benefits! AQUA-VIBE balances a proprietary combination of highly effective, all natural ingredients that work together on the cellular level with your body's metabolism to promote healthy energy levels. The result is a powerful mental and physical boost that you will start to feel in just minutes - lasting up to 6 hours. No more of the "crash and burn" associated with other energy drinks!

AQUA-VIBE also contains two types of highly effective immune boosters!
Our proprietary formulas have amazing "verified by science" properties to support your immune system. In the first formula, beet root juice, L-citrulline, Açai berry, and maqui berry combine to provide powerful support to fend off disease, restore your health, and strengthen your defenses. It’s a well-known fact that superfruits have restorative healing powers and have been in use for centuries by the people of the Amazon and elsewhere.

Secondly, the perfect ratio of healthy mushrooms in AQUA-VIBE are provided in a proprietary formula developed in Maitake Pt78® and have long been used in healthy drinks such as coffee and other health-conscious foods. This mushroom blend has been proven to stimulate the body’s immune response in numerous clinical studies. Maitake Pt78® is a highly effective immune support ingredient that is appropriate for daily use 365 days a year. The glucan-protein bioactive in Maitake Pt78  helps activate immune factors and helps increase their numbers to provide broad-based, immune system support that is part of the body’s first line of immune activity.

Maitake Pt78 bio-actives include:

  • 1,3-1,6 beta-glucans: Primary healthy immune support bioactive

  • Glucan-protein complex: Primary healthy immune support bioactive

  • Essential sugars: Monosaccharides with healthy immune support properties

  • Activated T cells Healthy immune function & cellular health

  • Support to the body's immune defense

eveloped by ADM/Masutiani LLC, Fibersol®  is included in the FDA's dietary fiber definition. Dietary fiber is defined as having a physiological effect beneficial to human health. Fibersol’s physiological benefits are backed by over 30 years of extensive clinical research and scientific data that supports digestive health, tolerance, satiety, and prebiotic fiber claims, in addition to claims around management of post-meal blood glucose, insulin and triglycerides.

We all need more heart-healthy fiber, and AQUA-VIBE is loaded with it.
Fiber is carried throughout your entire digestive process and is helpful in aiding digestion and absorption of the healthy ingredients which make up AQUA-VIBE. Fiber is also a potent prebiotic that helps support the good bacteria - probiotics - in your intestinal tract. It can also help the body maintain healthy cholesterol levels, bolster immunity, and it’s great for your skin.

The addition of Vitamin C, Niacin, B6, B12, and Potassium are the final step in making AQUA-VIBE one of the healthiest drinks available today!

Lastly, AQUA-VIBE contains no artificial sweeteners, or preservatives.
With 20 calories per serving and only 1g total of organic sugar, you’ll be able to drink AQUA-VIBE as often as you like without the worry of adding pounds to your daily intake... in fact, it actually helps aid in weight loss. It's the "guilty pleasure" that's free from guilt!

Our convenient easy to pour, easy to share, packets come in a streamlined, better than ever shape for adding to an 8 - 10 oz bottle or cup. The long, skinny stick packs are perfect for no spill/no mess pouring into your favorite brand of water... Just mix and shake to dissolve.

You can also add our alkaline enhancing AQUA-PH and fulvic mineral electrolyte AQUA-MIN to your AQUA-VIBE for a triple punch!

Make AQUA-VIBE an integral part of your daily routine. Feel better, think more clearly, enjoy the energy it provides, experience life to the fullest, and most importantly…

Your body and mind will love you for it!

afh club aqua vibe energy booster

afh club energy booster

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