Wellness with Socks & Insoles

The users of the products realize
increased overall muscular strength,
balance, and flexibility and stamina.

With the benefits of improved energy,
exercise performance, better endurance
and recovery, pain relief, improved mobility.

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By stimulating the nervous system INSOLES are able to unlock the body's potential and instantly change the way my athletes feel and move. Dr. Brendan McLaughlin DC, RCCSS(c) Resident, BA, D.Ac, CSCS, ART


Well, my friend....blow me down! I worked from 5:30 a.m. through to 7:30 p.m
I can't tell you how tired I was still recovering from the Black Mold poisoning. These socks had come so I put them on. I actually felt some warmth in my feet immediately and then a moment later I realized I was no longer exhausted! I wore them the next day and noticed more. I could walk up the stairs like a normal person...
I had very little body pain. My vision was better. I was in a better mood. I could even take a much deeper breath. Again I worked till midnight with energy to spare. I looked online and the midbrain deals with respiratory and vision and dopamine. Quite amazing really!! And all for $35.00!!
Sold American, Love, Phyllis.

Wearing the socks and insoles combined....4 day testimony

Day 1: I was on my feet for 8 hours and wore the socks all day. I felt more energy and my feet felt cool all day.

Day 2: Again I was on my feet most of the day for 11 hours. I wore the socks and insoles combined for the first time. I wear a size 10 shoe and I didn't have to cut the insole. I chose the ladies size and it fit my shoe perfectly. I definitely noticed more physical energy and very little fatigue during the day.

Day 3: Wore socks and insoles for 7 hr. day. I was on my feet most of the day. I experienced energy and very little physical fatigue. The insoles are very comfortable on my feet. The socks are also comfortable and fit well.

Day 4: Today I drove most of an 8 hr. day, spending less time on my feet. What I noticed significant today is a real increase in energy. Normally, I would be wanting to have a nap when I get home. That wasn't the case today....I felt like moving on to doing other activities and in fact we biked for a short 15 min. run in the evening. Tomorrow, is my band day (fun time) so will be changing to a pair of the invisible socks. I should also point out that since day 1, I don't have any body pain!
Continuing to enjoy the experience! Everett Davey

I have the socks... Ian got some for me and my family. I JUST LOVE THEM.... I cannot believe how pain free I feel. When I sit at my computer to get up, it's never a struggle any more. More motion.....definitely, more movement and a lot less back and leg pain.
Thanks for thinking of me. Hope you're both well. Hugs, Emm

Thank you Stan, I have worn the socks every day.. of course, I wash them out daily, and I will probably never wear any socks but theses.... My feet feel warm and a "good feeling", my legs do not ache and I have NO pain either and since my legs retain fluids due to steroids they do not ache any longer. I am excited. Thank you so much for introducing me to these socks.
Blessing and Favor, Bill

I am a 42 yr. old home schooling mom of 5 busy children. For several years I have experienced severe pain with varicose veins every month, during my menses. I normally need to be very careful to take it easy during those days, to ensure less pain.

Well, the first month I wore the socks and insoles (I wanted to be sure and wore both), this pain was totally gone, in spite of the fact that I was on my feet for 10 hours touring our Capital city, Ottawa, all day. I was astounded.

Wanting to be sure, I waited till the next month, on my menses. This time I was busy working in my garden and then did a full shift at my part time employment where I am on my feet for 8 hours. Again NO pain whatsoever. It's a total change in my well being.

I am impressed and pleased with these results.
Thank you. Sarah H DHN > Nutritional Consultant > ...Walking with you on the path to better health..

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