Veden Single Serve
5 Servings - $

Veden Single Serve
15 Servings

100.00 - $

Fix the Dead Food Issues
with The Greatest Health Product Ever Formulated

VEDENô Contains 37 Different Phytonutrients. 
Naturally-Occurring Compounds that contribute to the Flavor, Color and Disease-Resistance in Plants (Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains and Legumes). Most are Antioxidants that Benefit Humans By Enhancing Immunity.

Veden has produced a Plant Based Wholefood Super Smoothie




According to Dr. Rose; "Seeing patients 8-12 hours a day for over 40 years, I have become an expert in what nutritional products work for me. Veden gives me energy and stamina beyond any product I have tried. It is the first product that I cannot find anything wrong with or add anything to. It is simply one of the very best things you can do for your body.

Dr. Marc can often be seen on network television as an authority on anti-aging medicine, and his patient clientele include professional athletes, well-known celebrities. In addition to serving as a member of the Medical Advisory Board of Life Extension Magazine, he has been featured on numerous local, regional and nationally syndicated radio talk shows dealing with diabetes.
Dr. Marc

I was kind of amazed when my good brother Jeff told me he found a non-gmo, organic, UV processed whole food smoothie formula that could easily replace my Shaman Smith Smoothie. At first I was skeptical knowing how much nutritional alchemy I infuse into my smoothie every day. He knows that I serve a lot of clients in the personal health industry around the world and for years, many people have watched me carry a suitcase of supplements and a twenty pound bag of smoothie goods wherever I go to help me stay at peak performance levels.

The average costs related to blending my smoothie everyday was around $20 or more depending on the season and a major chore to deal with everyday as you can tell by the picture below.

Thatís all been replaced with the daily single serving of Veden which saves me about 75% on my costs, freeing up more of my time and the formula taste great!

For many years, my typical work week consists of 120 hours or more and good nutrition is one of my highest priorities to keep up the pace. From the very first day I started taking Veden, Iíve been blown away by the sustained energy I have all day without any crashes and without any major food cravings.

As an international business consultant, alternative health practitioner, personal empowerment trainer/ spiritual counselor and shaman for most of my life, I run hard and my clients rely on my professional advice and experience to properly guide them and their families on good living choices and I am confidently advising all of them to use Veden everyday!

On top of all that, it feels good to be so confident about sharing the Veden story with everyone because I know deep down inside its truly helping people to heal and stay healthy which makes my job even easier as a practitioner.

Thank you so much, Bob for creating Veden Health Sciences and thank you, Brother Jeff for showing me the way!
Michael S.

Thanks again Adrian! I already had my Veden earlier today. Then I had more than enough energy to do a large area of de-weeding at the front of a 1-acre property. I only stopped because I didn't have good enough sun protection. Last night, I had Veden for dinnner; and, this morning, I felt well rested by 4:30 AM! I was de-weeding by around 7:00 AM, feeling good!
Best wishes, Armando & Family.

I have taken a lot health products in my days, some with great results, but Veden has by far made me feel the best that I have in a very long time. I was taking one shake a day and I just bumped it up to two shakes a day.

Now I have increased energy and joints seem to be less stiff, I am walking and climbing stairs everyday getting from 5000 to 10,000 steps a day and 2 to 10 floors average of stairs and it's a lot easier when I am on the Veden shakes. So going to stick with two shakes a day for now and may experiment later with three a day.
Adrian M.

The organic, Non-GMO, Gluten free quality ingredients makes Veden by far the most potent and nutrient rich super food I have ever experienced. The results speak for themselves.

In 2012 I injured my right knee and decided to opt out of the traditional knee replacement and injection therapy and instead pursue a holistic approach. After many thousands of dollars and cabinets full of supplements I still only achieved very slight and temporary relief. When I was introduced to Veden I experienced almost instant results within the first three days. I no longer suffer with the agonizing pain in my knees and my overall health and wellness have improved greatly. It has also saved me hundreds of dollars a month by not having to take the other mountain of supplements.
Diana D.

I drank my fist Veden Shake on February 3rd, 2015. I was skeptical and thought the ingredients are good but I probably won't notice a difference. Well I was pleasantly surprised. I have not slept well for over 30 years. And, I slept solidly through the night. I woke refreshed and alert. Also, the pain for the last 7 months in my left shoulder was noticeably less.

Now three weeks on the Veden shake daily. People comment on how my facial skin looks better. And, my hair is fuller. I am enjoying increased energy and no more shoulder pain at all.
Gary C.

Even though I am nearing 70 years of age, the feedback from my Health check-ups continues to report that "I am extremely healthy for a man my age". My visits to the Chiropractor, however, have always shown a low level of inflammation that impedes my adjustments. UNTIL I FOUND VEDEN!

After just a few weeks of daily enjoyment of a VEDEN blended meal, I have now experienced two of the most effective treatments I can ever remember. My right hip has easily moved into a proper alignment meaning that I am walking better and my balance is improving. I was told today that all signs of that pesky inflammation are gone.
Ron M.

A friend of mine introduced me to Veden and when I saw this product and read the ingredients - I knew that this was going to be exactly what I had always been searching for. I tried it and fell in love with the Raw, Organic, Wholefood goodness of this product. I lost nine pounds in the first 30 days and in the last 3 weeks I have lost an additional six pounds. I really feel great and I not only sleep a lot better but I have a peace of mind knowing that my body is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs while helping me lose my unwanted pounds. In my opinion - "Veden is the next Great Whole food Diet to Rock this planet" Dwight J.

My friend, seeing that I was heavily into Organic Whole Foods, introduced me to Veden. I read the label and was impressed by the ingredients and the taste, after about a week of using the product I joined! I take Veden every morning for breakfast and it satisfies my hunger until about 3pm every day. I am proud to say that I have lost over 10 pounds in my first 30 days on this product and have introduced it to all of my family and friends. I have not ever been this excited about a product and I have no problem sharing my testimony about all of the benefits I have had health wise from using Veden. Sarah P.

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