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Super Serum & FREE Super Skin+

We fused nature’s most potent plant extracts into an exclusive triple treatment youth serum to transform the look of your skin, naturally.

Touchstone Essentials’ Super Serum targets: 1. Fine lines and wrinkles 2. Smoothness and texture 3. Balanced hydration

For a limited time, get a FREE Super Skin+ Complex, an antioxidant drink mix that supports a visibly younger look from within.

The Results? Visibly Younger Looking Skin!

We put it to the test in two skin trials. The results show the power of our proprietary plant phytonutrient blend to restore a radiant, youthful look.

Super Serum

We put the Super Serum to the test, with a 90-day skin trial and saw amazing results in the appearance of wrinkle reduction, smoothness and hydration. Then, we tested the Super Serum and the intense antioxidant drink mix TOGETHER in a second, 60-day trial and the results were even more powerful.

The skin trial results show the power of plants to restore the appearance of a radiant, youthful look from the outside in and the inside out. Now for a limited time, when you purchase the Super Serum, you get the Super Skin+ Complex—an intense antioxidant drink mix—absolutely FREE!

BONUS! Super Skin+ Complex FREE!

Super Skin+ ComplexDuring the limited pre-release, the Skin Trial Super Serum comes with a BONUS giveaway: a FREE Super Skin+ Complex—to transform your skin from within.

This delicious drink mix delivers potent antioxidants—Super Vitamin E and Anti-Aging Astaxanthin—to protect skin cells against the primary environmental factors that age skin.

Our proprietary skin cell therapy blend comes in a delicious, natural berry flavor and is only 12 calories per serving.As skin cells renew in 4 to 6 weeks, the result is a visibly younger look.*

Proprietary Plant Phytonutrient Blend

Our exclusive blend delivers a broad-spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids fatty acids and enzymes to nourish skin and protect it from the effects of sun and daily stress.

Using Skin Trial Super Serum

Starting at the cellular level, Super Serum protects and restores the appearance of your youthful look, in one simple step. Backed by a 30-day “good inside” money-back-guarantee.

A targeted treatment, Super Serum is a simple addition to any skin care routine,
works with any skin type. Each bottle provides 30 mL (1 fl. oz.).

Cleanse skin, pat dry. Apply 1 to 2 pumps of Super Serum to clean skin morning and night, including around the eye area. It goes without saying (almost) to avoid direct contact with eyes. Follow with moisturizer.

Some slight skin tightening is normal following application as your skin absorbs the Super Serum, and will dissipate after application of moisturizer. Super Serum uses natural, plant-based ingredients, and great care has been taken to avoid any potential irritants.

Super Skin+

While treating your skin from the outside in with the Skin Trial Super Serum, you can transform your skin from the inside out with Super Skin+ Complex. FREE with purchase of the Super Serum—only during the limited pre-release.

Skin Cell Therapy Blend

Super Skin+ Complex is a delicious drink mix that delivers potent antioxidants—Super Vitamin E and Anti-Aging Astaxanthin—to help protect skin cells against the primary environmental factors that age skin. Plus, added plant-based enzymes enhance absorption.*

Super Skin+ Complex supports the appearance of:
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Collagen renewal
• Enhanced elasticity

Our proprietary skin cell therapy blend comes in a delicious, natural berry flavor, is naturally sweetened and is only 12 calories per serving. Simply mix one teaspoon in eight or more ounces of cold water and enjoy!

Super Vitamin E

Antioxidants help fight the appearance of aging. Faster at fighting free radical damage than regular vitamin E, tocotrienols are called super vitamin E. The richest source of this rare super vitamin can be found in palm fruit.

Super Skin+ Complex features palm fruit, cold processed at the peak of its nutritional potency, that delivers all four forms of tocotrienol (alpha, beta, gamma and delta), to support inner cell membranes for superior antioxidant support.*

By using natural sources, our skin cell therapy blend comes complete with cell-nourishing phytonutrients including plant squalene, phytosterols and co-enzyme Q10, bioactive elements missing from synthetic and fractionated forms of vitamin E.

Anti-Aging Astaxanthin

The free radical “singlet oxygen” damages the production of collagen, causing wrinkles to appear. The algae Astaxanthin is nature’s most powerful singlet oxygen stopper, supporting the production of collagen. As skin cells renew in 4 to 6 weeks, the result is a visibly younger look.*

Super Skin+ Complex: Not Just For Skin!

It’s not just your skin cells that can benefit from superior antioxidant support. Research suggests tocotrienols support healthy cholesterol levels, while astaxanthin may aid in muscle metabolism, and is one of the few nutrients to cross the retinal blood barrier, providing eye support.*

The plus of Super Skin+ delivers cellular support for:
• Eye Fatigue*
• Muscle Recovery*
• Healthy Cholesterol*

Using Super Skin+ Complex

Transform your skin from within! Super Skin+ is naturally sweetened, comes in a delicious, natural berry flavor and is only 12 calories per serving. Each container provides 30 servings.

Shake well. Mix one teaspoon in eight or more ounces of cold water daily. Enjoy!

How To Get YOUR Super Skin+
  • Savor with meals or as an in-between snack. Added plant-based enzymes enhance absorption anytime.
  • Replace your sports drink with Super Skin+ before or after your workout for optimal muscle recovery.*
  • Work on a computer? Drink Super Skin+ at the end of your day to help recover from eye fatigue.*
  • Makes a super-healthy, yummy drink for children, providing natural vitamin E and organic beet juice!*

Super Skin+ Complex Ingredients

A delicious antioxidant drink mix formulated with tocotrienols and astaxanthin, Super Skin+ Complex delivers natural vitamin E, carotenoid-rich algae, organic beet juice, and plant-based enzymes, all in a natural berry flavor with only 12 calories per serving!

Super Serum FAQs.:

How do I use the Skin Trial Super Serum?
Apply 1 to 2 pumps to fingertips and smooth over clean skin, including the eye area. As with any product, avoid direct eye contact. A slight tightening and firming of skin is expected. Allow to dry and then apply moisturizer. In the morning, apply sunscreen for additional protection from the sun.

How much is the Skin Trial Super Serum?
The Skin Trial Super Serum retails for $119.95. It is available to Members for preferred pricing of $79.94. Each bottle is 30 mL (1 fl. oz). The bonus Super Skin+ Complex is only free with purchase of Super Serum during the limited pre-release.

What are the benefits of the Skin Trial Super Serum?
The Skin Trial Super Serum helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the appearance of smoothness and texture, and appearance of hydration and tone. It does not make structure changes to skin.

When can I expect to see results?
During the skin trial, participants saw improvements in the appearance of skin as little as 10 days, but typically by 30 days. Continued use led to continued improvements, with the best results seen with 90 days of usage.

What if I am allergic to any of the ingredients?
See the ingredient list for a complete list of the safe and effective natural ingredients. If you have sensitive skin and are unsure if you will have a skin reaction to any of the premium-quality botanicals, please test the super serum on a small area of skin first before expanding to a twice-daily application.

Can I use the Skin Trial Super Serum if I have a skin condition?
The Skin Trial Super Serum is suitable for all skin types. If you have particularly sensitive skin, first test it on a small area to ensure there is no reaction. It is not designed to treat or heal any skin conditions as it is not a drug.

Is the Super Serum natural or all organic?
The Skin Trial Super Serum uses natural sources. The formula is not certified organic. All ingredients, including those from corn, soy and sugar beets, are non-GMO. Additionally, the Super Serum is formulated WITHOUT Parabens ǁ Artificial Colors ǁ Phthalates ǁ Petroleum-based Chemicals ǁ Silicones ǁ Formaldehyde ǁ Mineral Oil ǁ Artificial Preservatives ǁ Sulfates ǁ Synthetic Fragrances

Touchstone does not use isolated vitamins in its nutritional supplements, so why is the vitamin isolate Niacinamide in the Super Serum?
In cosmetics, select vitamins can serve a targeted role to achieve results on skin. In some cases, a whole food form of a vitamin is not advised as it may contain compounds that can lessen its effectiveness on the skin. In its whole form, Niacin contains Nicotinic Acid, which can be a skin irritant. Therefore, in the Super Serum, a cosmetic grade Niacinamide was selected to deliver efficacious results. This form of Niacin has been refined to remove Nicotinic Acid.

Is the zeolite in the Super Serum the Pure Body zeolite?
No. Due to their ability to attract and trap positively-charged particles, zeolites have a wide range of uses. In the Super Serum, a zeolite was selected that ensures the scent of the essential oils comes fully through to delight your senses.

Is the Super Serum certified EcoCert?
The Super Serum formula uses potent plant extracts to deliver a treatment that can transform the look of your skin, naturally. Given the wide range of effective ingredients in the serum, it is not always possible or practical to obtain organic or ecocert sources.

While the formula as a whole is not Ecocert-certified, several of the ingredients sourced do hold this designation, including Betaine (from sugar beets), Acacia Senegal Gum, Hydrolyzed Rhizobian Gum, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (from licorice roots) and Ribose (from corn).

Why is soy in the Super Serum?
While eating soy (especially GMO-soy) has some concerns, soy extracts have enormous benefits for skin when applied topically. It was first noticed that workers in soybean factories had incredibly soft, smooth hands. Now there is widespread recognition of the ability of soy proteins to deliver soft, smooth skin in topical creams. We added non-GMO soy for this purpose. Additionally, the soy extracts and soy amino acids in the Super Serum are derived using a fermentation process to remove any phytoestrogens. The plant phytonutrients and soy amino acids increase cellular vitality and promote natural cellular turnover for visibly smoother skin and a radiant glow.

Does the soy in the Super Serum contain any phytoestrogens?
No. The soy extracts and soy amino acids are derived from soybeans using a fermentation process. Fermentation removes any phytoestrogens that may have been present in the soy.

Why is corn in the Super Serum?
With all the bad news about GMO-corn, we forget that in its natural form, it is a nutritious, healthy vegetable with antioxidants and natural sugars that have a positive impact on skin. In the Super Serum, natural non-GMO corn extracts promote long-term hydration in the skin, maximize the effectiveness of peptides and provide a natural sugar (d-ribose) that promotes cellular energy and revitalization. As a plant-based ingredient, the corn works in harmony with the other ingredients and supports their effectiveness.

Super Skin+ Complex FAQs.

How do I use the Super Skin+ Complex?
Shake well before opening as contents may have settled. Mix one measured teaspoon in eight or more ounces of cold water daily.
A shaker cup with blender ball is suggested for easy mixing. Enjoy!

How is the Super Skin+ sweetened?
Super Skin+ Complex is naturally sweetened with organic cane sugar and stevia. It adds up to only 3g of sugar and 12 calories for every delicious serving.

How much is the Super Skin+?
During the exclusive pre-release the Super Skin+ Complex is FREE with the purchase of the Skin Trial Super Serum.

What are the benefits of the Super Skin+?
The Super Skin+ Complex is an antioxidant drink mix that supports the body’s ability to protect skin cells against the primary environmental factors that age skin. The proprietary skin cell therapy blend supports the appearance of collagen renewal and elasticity in the skin, and reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.*

Who can take Super Skin+ Complex?
Everyone! Super Skin+ Complex is not just for skin cells. The antioxidant blend supports eye fatigue, muscle recovery and healthy cholesterol. As with any supplement, consult with your health care practitioner if you have questions or concerns specific to your health.*

Can children take Super Skin+ Complex?
Yes. While children (4+) are not in need of a skin supplement, Super Skin+ provides a super-healthy, yummy drink, providing most of the Daily Value of vitamin E for immune support, organic beet juice, astaxanthin to support eye health, and plant-based enzymes for optimal absorption.*

Did the Skin Trial participants take Super Skin+?
The participants in Skin Trial 1 did not have the benefit of the Super Skin+ Complex (but those in Skin Trial 2 did).

What is Super Vitamin E?
Tocotrienols are a member of the vitamin E family, and are called “super vitamin E” for their enhanced ability to fight free radicals.
This rare super vitamin is most abundant in palm fruit, which provides all four forms of tocotrienol (alpha, beta, delta and gamma).

How much vitamin E is in Super Skin+?
Just like Ascorbic Acid is considered vitamin C, Alpha-Tocopherol is considered vitamin E by the Food and Drug Administration, hence only the Tocopherols are listed in the Supplement Facts. Each serving of Super Skin+ Complex provides 6.7 IU of natural Tocopherols (the recognized form of vitamin E), which is 22% of the Daily Value. Additionally, Tocotrienols are provided in the proprietary skin cell therapy blend.

Can I get too much vitamin E from Super Skin+?
No. Super Skin+ supplements your dietary sources with natural vitamin E of 6.7 IU (22% of Daily Value) per serving.
When it comes to vitamin E, mega dosing is not advised. Studies on Alpha-Tocopherol show some concern when taking supplements of 400 IU a day (particularly of synthetic or DL-Alpha-Tocopherol), which is 13 times the recommended Daily Value.

How much Tocotrienols and Astaxanthin are in the Super Skin+ Complex?
Super Skin+ Complex includes amounts of Tocotrienols and Astaxanthin consistent with research and studies demonstrating benefit.
The exact amount of Tocotrienols and Astaxanthin is considered part of the proprietary skin cell therapy blend, and is not disclosed.

How are fat-soluble Tocotrienols and Astaxanthin absorbed with or without food?
Added plant-based enzymes in the proprietary skin cell therapy blend enhance absorption of the nutrients, whether taken with meals or as an in-between snack.

How is the stevia in Super Skin+ processed?
At Touchstone, we take our ingredient sourcing very seriously. While many stevia sources are processed using harsh chemicals and come with questionable additives, Super Skin+ features a pure stevia extract, with NO erythritol and NO maltodextrin.
Grown in South America, the stevia undergoes a water extraction process, and there are no harsh solvents in manufacturing, so its sweetness will never leave a bad taste.

Reviews for Super Serum Skin Care:

I have been using for a week and my face is loving every minute of it! Simply amazing! I have never used a product that makes such a difference and feels so good! Way to go Touchstone Essentials!
Vicki J.

I’ve been suffering from uncontrollable outbreaks this past year (at 31) and after just a week my skin is nearly perfect.
I had tried everything and I knew this product was the answer since it came from Touchstone. I was right.
I can’t believe how small my pores have gotten and even my scars are diminished. It’s truly been my miracle answer.
The glow it gives my skin is amazing too, I don’t even wear makeup now.
Amy C.

Oh this is a KEEPER! Tried it last night and do not even have to use moisturizer, immediately absorbs and is not oily. Love it!!
Deborah H.

Love the new combo. Feeling and seeing the results immediately. The winter months are harder on my skin the older I get and I feel the refreshing citrus on my skin makes the impact light and rejuvenating. Can’t wait to see what the weeks ahead on these products bring!
Julie J.

My formerly dry skin feels oh soooo smooth, soft and deeply nourished in just a few days… can’t wait for 30, 60, 90 day results!
Melissa W.

One of the best products I have used. I like the texture and the way my face feels after applying the serum.
Highly recommend this product.
Bonnie F.

Loving the combo. I am noticing my blemishes are not reoccurring and the ones I had healed faster.
The skin around my eyes is firming up. I have confidence that the purity of the combo is helping my skin. I love the taste of the drink too!
Jennifer C.

I have been using this product for a week and already my skin has improved. It has a healthy glow and very soft feel.
My wrinkles are diminishing!!! The drink is SO tasty and I love that this like ALL the Touchstone Essentials products are good for my kids too—nothing about them is harmful. Thank you, thank you, thank you Touchstone Essentials for enhancing my health and life!
Mary L.

I’ve been using both products for about a week and a half. I notice that the serum goes on so very smoothly. Living in Florida, and loving the outdoors, I do spend a lot of time in the sun, and I have noticed that my skin is starting to feel less “tight”, if that makes sense.
I am very excited about that.
Marc G.

“I love love love it! It smells wonderful and it feels light on my skin. I have waited years to find something that ACTUALLY works that is all natural! My skin tone is more even, broken capillaries are diminished and my skin looks brighter! It has only been two weeks!
Suzanne S.

I have been suffering with dry lips for weeks, it doesn’t matter how much coconut oil and other natural products I tried nothing would help. After just 1 day of using the serum and super skin complex I have woken up this morning, they are moisturized and supple again,
all the flakiness has gone, completely GONE!!Thank you!
Sophie C.

Have been using this skincare regimen for about 3 weeks and can see a noticeable difference.
Give it a try, especially now with the bonus Skin+ Complex you receive for free when you order the Super Serum.
Jim P.

OMG…it has only been a bit over a couple weeks of taking both the antioxidant drink and the SUPER SERUM & I am blown away! Having been a professional MIME since 1979, my face has taken its toll with not only the make-up & make-up remover, but also, from all the facial expressions—I do have some prominent & deep lines—or shall I say “HAD”! My creases SEEM to be “filling IN” some and my face, in general, has more of a glow and brightness!
Laura B.

I grew up on the beach and in the sun. My wrinkles have gone from 11s to 5s now in about 120 days. Thanks Touchstone!
Bonnie C.

Best Skin Serum product I have ever used! I can’t believe the wrinkles around my lips are going away—how is that possible when you are over 50??
Deborah H.

My complexion has greatly improved with a clear reduction in blotchy redness. The puffiness and dark circles around my eyes have also reduced. I’m a very happy lady and I’ll definitely be continuing with the serum after getting these results in only two and a half weeks!
Kirsty K.

The berry flavored drink mix tastes like punch and I love the serum! It’s like a fresh drink of water to my face and neck… and on top of my hands. Love it!
Janet M.

When I started, there was obvious sun damage. Today, the differences are dramatic. There are fewer wrinkles on my cheeks, the lines around my eyes and chin are fewer and smaller, and the size and number of dark spots are far less. I am delightedly looking forward to even better results!
Connie L.

I love the serum. Instantly, I noticed a brightening of the skin, and even a radiance that gives it a “sun-kissed” look.
After only two weeks, I was able to go to work wearing only eyeliner and mascara on my face (no cover up!).
Pretty amazing because I loathe trying to get that stuff to blend right. It was very freeing to be able to leave the house “naked” today!
Katrina T.

Since I was a little girl, I always admired and wanted long, pretty fingernails – they just looked so elegant and “fancy”.
Alas, my reality has been chronically dry, brittle, splitting nails – painfully so. YET, after just one month of drinking Super Skin + on a daily basis, my nails are longer & stronger than they have EVER been! No other nutritional supplement or topical treatment has had this kind of benefit for me (and I have tried quite a few!). THIS is AMAZING!
Sally W.

I think my skin looks the best it ever has. I love the serum!
Kate G.

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