FitLine Restorate
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Fitline Restorate
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For Cellular Regeneration

Through high-quality utilization of vitamins and minerals, in combination with our absorption-promoting Ayurvedic herbal aroma, FitLine Restore is the ideal "night cap."

* Assists in providing daily supply of calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, silicon, copper, manganese, chromium and vitamin D.
* Promotes healthy bones and teeth.
* Supports nervous system to promote mental health, relief from stress, anxiety and insomnia.
* Enhances immune system.
* Aids in regeneration and helps with recovery.
* Promotes alkaline environment and mineral balance in the body.
* Copper and Zinc promote beautiful hair, skin and nails.
supports optimum nutrient intake and bioavailability

DIRECTIONS: Add three scoopfuls (6.7 g) of Restorate to a one ounce of water and stir to activate. Then add seven ounces of water once a day stirring constantly until dissolved. Ideal in the evening. Drink in sips immediately after preparation and sleep peacefully knowing Restorate is working to promote a healthier you!

"Restorate is my absolute favorite product! Since I started using it regularly, I sleep more restful and wake up feeling refreshed." Susan A.


"My 16-year old son plays football and always joked about me and my vitamins. But he loves Restorate because he sleeps better and does not have cramps from practice like he used to. It’s an awesome product, and I recommend it for everyone!"
Alexandra B.

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