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PureTrim Joint Tea
30 Servings - $44.95

PureTrim Boost Tea
Passion Fruit
30 Servings - $44.95

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PureTrim Joint Tea
Boost Tea will help support your metabolism and reduce your appetite and food cravings! Boost Tea comes in an amazing two flavors passionfruit
and delicious Strawberry Lemonade!
Boost Tea is blended with
31 organic ingredients, containing zero caffeine, and zero sugar.



Organic acacia, Raspberry extract, Cinnamon bark, Brown seaweed, Potato tuber extract, Organic blue green algae (Spirulina), Organic chlorella, Organic beet, Resveratrol, Organic cranberry, Organic red raspberry, Organic strawberry, Organic carrot, Organic blueberry, Organic pomegranate, Organic acai (Euterpe oleracea), Organic blackberry, Organic black raspberry, Organic cherry, Organic acerola extract, Organic apple, Organic apple pectin,
Organic banana, Organic flax seed, Organic mango, Organic papaya, Organic peach, Organic pear, Organic pineapple, Organic tomato, Organic watermelon, Organic alfalfa sprouts, Organic barley grass, Organic broccoli, Organic green tea leaf (Decaffeinated), Organic kale, Organic wheat grass, Resveratrol. Digestive Blend: 1.5 billion active probiotics, enzymes, and prebiotics.


I LOVE the Boost Tea! Talk about a delicious, refreshing beverage WITH benefits! Both flavors are delicious, but the Strawberry-Lemonade is my favorite! When I am consistent with Boost Tea, my cravings for junk are greatly reduced, I don't eat as much, and I saw my scale that monitors fat percentage go from 34 to 31 percent body fat! Amazing!
Cherie K., WA, US

PureTrim Boost Tea is awesome! the taste is amazing! It helps control my appetite and it supports my metabolism. I rate it a fantastic 5 star product.
John Brown, AZ, US

What a delicious way to lose weight! I love this product and the way it helps me stay consistent on the PureTrim System! Thank you PureTrim!
Marian Galitta, CA, US

Boost Tea has a great flavor and gives you what you need to squash those food cravings!
Amber Croisant, OK, US

 Best Tea I ever tasted! Never did like tea, but I am hooked on Boost Tea! I lost 48 lbs. - I was 213 lbs now I am 165 lbs.
Robert Ehly, CA, US

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