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All VISI Weight Loss Products     -----------    Meal Replacement Protein Shakes

- The No Hungry Pill -
Lose inches and pounds
and increase mood & energy
30 Capsules -
$59.95 - Buy More Save

VISI Valla
Helps curb appetite & cravings conversion of fats, carbs, and
proteins into energy.
[Samples Here]
[International Ordering]
60 Caps.
$74.99 - $65.95

Visi Lyfta
Invigorates your mind
and metabolism to liberate you Helps with bad
eating habits,
and keeps you focused
[International Ordering]
30 Capsules-
$68.75 - $64.99

LeanUS Coffee
A smooth and rich
weight-loss instant coffee.
A great tasting skinny coffee
with metabolic
boosting effects.
{Samples Here}
20 packets - $43.95

Probita + AC2 Ligonberry
Hydrolyzed Collagen for Skin
 snack to curb cravings.
Helps weight loss too.
[Samples Here]
[International Ordering]
60 Servings
$81.25 - $74.95

Probita Chocolate + AC2
Hydrolyzed Collagen for Skin
 snack to curb cravings.
Helps weight loss too.
[Samples Here]
[International Ordering]
60 Servings
$81.95 - $74.95

FitLine Herbaslim Tea
Supports the body's
 fluid balance.
Reduces food cravings.
Tastes great hot/cold Peppermint.
Supports weight loss.
45 Servings - $15.95

Total Body Detox Tea
Helps w/ Weight Loss
3 amazing flavors:
7 Strawberry Lemonade,
7 Raspberry Lemonade,
and 7 Black Cherry.
{Samples Here}
21 packets - $43.95

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skinnydrive weight loss
SkinnyDrive Wafers

Curbs Appetite
45 Vanilla Wafers
59.95 - $29.95 Sale

tea tyme detox tea
Tea-Tym Detox Tea
Rids Body of Toxins and parasites, Better Digestion of Meals, Cleans the
Gastrointestinal System.
Helps with Weight Loss
Makes a Gallon Tea
$10.95 - $6.95

Ketos/os Weight Loss
Effortless fat loss w/KETOS,
Increased and consistent energy, Improve blood sugar balance. 30 Singles
$179.95 - $55.95

iaso tea
Iaso Tea for Detox
 Lose 5 lbs in 5 days
 Better Digestion of Meals,
Cleans Gastrointestinal System. Rids Body of Toxins & parasites,
Makes a Gallon Tea
Helps with Weight Loss
$10.95 - $7.95

hiburn8 weight management
HiBURN8 Nighttime
Promote Healthy Sleep,
Weight Loss Management,
Help calm your body
and manage stress levels.
15 ounces - $64.95 - $25.95

Day Time Capsules
Designed to lose weight & inches! Fabulous Energy!
Simply take 2-3 capsules
30 minutes before each meal. 180 Capsules
$55.98 - $45.98

LeptiTrim6 Nighttime
You want to burn the calories
all night long while you dream
and see a thinner,
toner you in the morning!
30 Servings
$55.98 - $45.98
valentus slim roast
Valentus SlimRoast WeightLoss
Italian Dark Roast Coffee,
but with a Powerful
Weight Loss formula inside.
 [Samples Here]

24 Packets

$59.95 - $39.95

skinny body max weight loss
Skinny Body Max
Packed with nutrient-rich
enzymes designed to help
get your body in a position to lose weight.
120 Capsules
$64.95 - $26.95

Skinny Fiber Weight Loss
Feel full and eat less, proprietary fat burning blend also helps reduce fat absorption, flush ugly toxins, gently boost your metabolism.
120 Capsules
$59.95 - $19.95


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