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Visi Probita Collagen Chews for the Skin Plus (Helps tighten the Skin) & Visi Artic White for Bright White Teeth

Apex Lamiderm
Clinically shown to boost collagen, elastin
and fibronectin by up to
350% in just 3 days
5 ounces $102.95 - $95.95

Pure Gardens
Blended by a Mediterranean herbalist,
it helps smooth away
fine lines, dry skin,
and age spots.
2 Ounces

Anti-Aging Fulvic
Skin Regenerator

Aid your skin to look and feel smoother and firmer, naturally diminishing signs of aging. Also great for your Hair! 4oz Skin Spray

Herbal Body Wrap
Blend of 27 select minerals, herbs and Aloe vera
utilize the skin's excellent absorbency to create a rejuvenating do-it-yourself spa treatment.
One wrap per week
for 4 weeks. $24.95

Probita + AC2 Ligonberry
Hydrolyzed Collagen for Skin that helps loose skin get tighter.
Low-calorie snack to curb cravings. [Samples]
60 Servings

81.25 - $74.95

Probita Orange + AC2
Helps tighten Skin, etc.

Low-calorie snack to curb cravings. Helps in assisting weight loss too.
[Samples] 60 Servings
$81.25 - $74.95

Visi Arctic White Toothpaste
Helps remove plaque
and makes your teeth
visibly whiter through
a non-abrasive natural whitening ingredient.
3.4 oz (100grams)

Nu-Derma Gold w/24K Gold
Tighten lines, wrinkles
around the eyes,
face and neck.
Repair dry and wrinkly hands, remove dark circles
$64.50 - $39.95

Probita Chocolate + AC2
Better Skin,
Reduced Pain,
 snack to curb cravings.
Helps weight loss too.
60 Servings
$81.95 - $74.95

HempSeed Bath Bar

3.7 Ounce
$8.00 - $5.95

Clay Vitality Detox Powder
Draws impurities
and excess oils from the skin, leaving it refreshed
and purified. Perfect for removing make-up, and a great shaving creme, etc.
6oz - $19.95


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