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Cardiovascular Heart Health Supplements
Amare OmMEGA, Phytozon, Ellagic Acid, Laminine Omega+,

Amare OmMega
Ultra- pure Omega-3
EPA & DHA concentrate that supports cardiovascular health and promotes
cognitive function.
60 Softgels/30 Servings
$40.00 - $34.95

Nitro Factor
Increases Nitric Oxide
Lower Blood Pressure
Increase Circulation
Improve Cardiac Performance
Increased Energy
Boost Stamina
30 Servings - $57.95

Ellagic Insurance Formula
Ask yourself this important question:
"If scientists tell us
that cancer and cardiovascular disease are lifestyle diseases,
180 Capsules - $59.95

PhytoZon Miracle
Circulation and heart support, helps with Inflammation, Arthritis, Joint Health, Flexibility,
60 Capsules - $59.00

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Heart Aid
Protects arterial walls,
has the ability to dilate
coronary blood vessels
and strengthen the
 heart's pumping abilities.
Support natural chelation
180 Capsules - $29.95

Laminine Omega +++
More pliable arteries
and blood vessels.
Increased agility,
Balanced cholesterol levels.
Better circulation, etc.
30 Capsules


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