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Activated Charcoal
60 Servings

Activated Charcoal

Realize the joy that comes from inner purity.

Many of us don’t realize how toxins accumulate and set up camp in our gastrointestinal tracts. They can tax our body and invite other health challenges to show up. Activated Charcoal, used alone, or as part of our Colon Cleanse Program, works throughout your entire GI tract to collect and neutralize impurities, and then expel them, leaving you feeling terrific inside.*

Our Activated Charcoal is particularly effective because of how we make it. We start by super heating coconut shells until they explode like popcorn. This creates particles with larger surface area, yielding greater capacity to adsorb (bond with compounds to carry them from the body). Subsequent granulation into finer particles further boosts their capacity and effectiveness. This botanical carbon is vegetarian and safe for consumption, making it an essential item to keep on hand in any wellness cabinet.

Activated Charcoal promotes*:

Adsorbing of harmful compounds in your GI tract to carry them out of the body.


Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal is a form of porous, processed carbon that is used to absorb chemicals and other substances. When taken orally, it has the capacity to absorb toxins, chemicals, and other substances from the gastrointestinal tract. Our activated charcoal is created by super heating coconut shells until they explode like popcorn. This creates particles, which yield greater capacity to absorb. They are then ground into finer particles.

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