HB Naturals Ayurvedic Products

Mind Brain Superfoods
Helps with inflammation responsible for causing  memory and cognitive dysfunction. Maximize your brain's performance.
46 Servings - $59.95

BODY Cardio Superfoods
Helps reduce chronic inflammation with high nitrate beetroot juice and hawthorn berry. Boost stamina, improve sexual health, naturally increase nitric oxide levels.

46 Servings - $59.95

SOUL pH Superfoods
Chlorophyll-rich alkalizing
green superfoods and ancient herbs known to support
the liver and kidneys.
Promotes digestion
and metabolism.

46 Servings - $59.95

Nourish Superfoods & Sprouts
Ultimate wholefood multivitamin formulated with a full color spectrum of organic veggies, fruits, herbs, and nutrient-dense sprouts.
Boost your immune system.
Kids love this.

28 Servings - $29.95
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Slimmer Healthy Weight Management
Reduce stress eating,
Lower cortisol levels,
Maintain blood sugars,
Decrease appetite,
Promotes healthy gut flora.
30 Servings - $69.95

Sesso Dolce Cream
Arousal happens very
quickly, usually within minutes.
and safe solution to dramatically increase
pleasure during intimacy.

15ml - $35.00

Sesso Dolce Sample

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Sesso Dolce Cream
1 Sample - $3.50


New Product - HB Naturals - Essential Oils
They are all Pure, Organic or Wildcrafted, Therapeutic Essential Oils,
sourced and formulated by Alexandria Brighton, French Medical Aromatherapist.

13 Single Essential Oils

* Black Spruce, * Cypress, * Eucalyptus Radiata, * Frankincense,
* Lavender Vera, * Lemon, * Peppermint, * Pink Grapefruit, * Ravintsara,
* Rose Geranium, * Sweet Marjoram, * Sweet Orange, * Tea Tree.

14 Proprietary Blends Essential Oils

* Adult Wellness, * Align, * Breathe, * Calm, * DyGest, * Focus, * HepaDetox,
* Kids Wellness, * Lavender Ice, * Prosper, * Protector, * Still,
* Trauma Relief, * Tri Remedy.

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