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12 Discs to a Package

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  Quantum Sinus Allergy
  • Relieve the symptoms of colds, eye watering, nasal drainage and the flu.
  • Non Transdermal - No drugs or chemicals: Nothing enters the body. 
  • Can be used with any other medications.
  • Can be combined with other Quantum disc.
  • Clinically tested and proven to be 100% safe for men, women and children!
  • Each disc last 5 days
  • 12 Discs to a Package



Sinus and Energy:
My son is having great results from the Sinus allergy discs helping him with his drooling and helping him with his sinus congestion. Like I said before we have never been able to find any medicine that would help with my son's drooling from CP.

The energy bands seem to be having a relaxing effect and making him very happy and alert. Both Positive results. Thank you again for all of your help assisting me with my son and also with my aches and pains. I do believe in your product and I am telling other parents that have special needs children about your product as well! I would love to be able to share the energy bands with the children to see if they have the same results as my son.
Sincerely, Lisa, Lagrange, GA

"I just went through one of the worst allergy seasons ever without having any symptoms or taking any allergy meds. Everyone around me was suffering and talking about how awful the season was and I had no symptoms. Typically spring is a very difficult allergy season for me and I usually take Zyrtec on a fairly regular basis and still end up with bouts of sinusitis/bronchitis due to complications from continued congestion."
Aleida, Tampa, FL

"My four year old son had extreme allergies with puffy, watery eyes, nasal congestion, and other symptoms. Every morning and evening, I would have to use a tweezer and take out his 80-90% clogged dried nose junk. He was on oral antihistamines, steroid nasal spray, allergy eye drops, and another supplement to reduce inflammation. My son looked so red and swollen around the eyes that the daycare teacher allowed him to stay in the classroom instead of going outside with the pollen. While using the sinus/allergy disc behind his ear on the bone, he is drug free and symptoms free in the peak of allergy season! Similar sinus/allergy condition happened with a 1 1/2 year infant boy. He was pulling the disc off, so we put it on the outside of his collar and it worked just as well as if it was behind the ear."
Ann, Physician Assistant, Tampa, FL

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