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Quantum Back Relief
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Quantum Back Relief
  • Especially formulated for lower back discomfort.
  • Provides rapid relief to lower back.
  • Non Transdermal - No drugs or chemicals: Nothing enters the body. 
  • Can be used with any other medications.
  • Can be combined with other Quantum disc.
  • Clinically tested and proven to be 100% safe for men, women and children!
  • 8 Discs to a package.
  • Each disc will last 5 days



Have to share a personal testimonial with you. I was in a car accident about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I did suffer some injuries, mainly soft tissue. Anyway I've been getting treatment and feeling better but I've really been having some headaches. Yesterday was an especially bad day to the point where I was ready to take some Aleve. Dr. xxxx worked on me about 5 in the afternoon, I felt better but the headaches persisted. As I was being worked on by Dr. xxx he found some very active trigger points that when pressure was applied referred pain to my head. When I got home I told my wife to put the pain discs on the exact trigger points. I'm not exaggerating this; my headaches went away in 5 minutes. Now I've had some personal success with the energy and sleep, but haven't had really with the pain. Really hasn't had much pain until recently with the car accident. Long story short, this is something that works. Great stuff!!!
Dr. Darin, TX

My name is Carolin , I am 71 years old and I live in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I have had severe pain in my left leg for several years. The pain goes from the bottom of my foot to the upper thigh. The pain has been unbearable even with prescription pain medications.On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate the pain a 10 or higher. I was not able to walk. About 18 months ago, I found the Holographic Relief Discs and the results have been fantastic. I have been able to dramatically reduce the amount of my pain medication. With the Relief Discs, the pain has been reduced to a level of 4. It has allowed me to walk. That by itself is enough reason for me to use these discs.I use 7 or 8 discs at once and it works. I know that is more than the instructions say to use, but since you cannot overdose and more makes me feel better, I will continue to use more. There is a significant reduction in pain, and I have had no side effects at all. I recommend these relief discs to anyone who will listen!!
Carolin, Stone Mountain, GA

Jammed Finger:
"I jammed my pointing finger playing catch with a hardball without a glove. Hours after, my finger was swollen without any loose skin over the knuckle and I couldn't use any portion of my hand because I could feel it putting painful strain on that finger. I applied a Relief Disc on top of the knuckle with a Performance disc right on top of it, then below the knuckle I put another Relief and I taped around the 3 holograms. That night there was major improvement. The next day was remarkable improvement in the swelling, comfort, use of entire hand, and I could fully bend the hand into a tight fist. 48 hours after the injury, it is almost completely well, with only a slight tenderness at the knuckle when I bend it tight. 72 hours after injury, I am 100% free of discomfort even bending it tight. The speed of recovery is astounding to me and it makes me think this would be a great tool for walk-in clinics and emergency rooms."
Julie, Tampa, FL

I play a fair amount of golf and walk carrying my bag as often as I can. A couple of weeks ago, I was wearing new shoes, and a large blister formed on my big toe. The skin of the blister had sluffed off and the pain was sharp and severe. I took my shoe and sock off and put a band aid on the blister. On top of the band aid, I placed a Relief disc. The pain all but disappeared within 10 seconds. I put my shoe back on and walked the remaining 10 holes pain free. The relief discs will be in my medicine cabinet and golf bag forever.
Al, Johns Creek, GA

I have forwarded you this X-ray picture as you had asked me to do. Just to refresh your memory a bit, this is a 73 year old man with 10 or more screws holding his ankle in place. Before the chips he was limping badly and in severe pain every day. I placed a Performance hologram on his wrist and a Relief hologram on each side of his ankle. The next day he came to me with open arms and was sooo excited that he could walk again with no pain. Tears filled my eyes. He is now able to walk up and down stairs without holding onto the railing for dear life. I received beautiful flowers from this kind man on Monday morning. I see this elderly man almost daily and every time I look at him I think to myself I have witnessed a miracle, and for that I truly thank you for bringing these amazing holograms to market.

"I have a friend of mine that has been in chronic pain for twenty years in his knees and foot and has not spent a night without severe pain in twenty years and does not sleep very well because of the pain. I gave him several pain discs and because he did not drink a lot of water the first day I called him and ask if he was getting any relief and said no not at all then I ask him to increase the amount of water he drinks and add a few more discs for pain. The next day he called me in tears and said that he was about 95% pain free and these chips will change his life."
Jim Atlanta, GA

Knee Pain:
"I was introduced to the relief disc on a Monday night in Sarasota - a single disc was placed on my painful meniscus in my knee. Within 5 minutes, I felt no pain, yet expected to feel pain when getting out of my seat to stand up - none! I wore the disc a couple of days without noticing it fell off in a shower or in bed - it has been an entire week with no additional discs and I haven't felt one iota of discomfort. I am a natural health professional, as are other family members, and we have all decided to offer them as a tool to our clientele. The discs are unique, effective, inexpensive, and all natural - 100% safe since nothing enters the body."
Robert, B. Florida

"My first introduction to the holographic discs was the demo done by Julie xxxx on me as the biggest skeptic in the room. She showed me how weak I was with a cell phone in the left ear yet totally strong using the EMF disc and even strong using the Performance disc. She then showed how my strength/center of gravity was greatly improved from the Performance disc and how much more balanced I was when posed like a Florida flamingo when using the disc - I was amazed. Take the flamingo challenge and become a believer. Within one week, I experienced the most restful sleep ever using a Sleep disc in a small number of hours. Within the same week, my son got off heavy doses of morphine and other pain drugs by using the Relief discs exclusively - drug free! My mother used a single Relief disc and had relief in minutes plus the ability to raise her hand all the way to the ceiling! So she took that same pain disc and put it on her abdomen because of food poisoning induced extreme diarrhea and bleeding hemorrhoids - she reported instant relief from both the diarrhea and bleeding.
Ruben, St Petersburg, FL

Injured Finger:
"I gave a Relief disc to my friend Ilona Sunday night after buying some from Abby. She has an injured finger, quite painful and could not bend. I saw her Tuesday night and she was very excited - the pain is much better and she can actually now bend her finger."
Judith, Tampa, FL

Neck Using Performance & Relief Holograms Together:
"I woke up one morning and my neck locked up. I used 2 Relief discs on my neck and was not getting full relief nor range of motion. Looking at the foot reflexology chart of the foot, I put a Performance disc under the big toe where it joins the foot to send energy to my neck. Instantly in five minutes I had improved by 90% with hardly any pain and full range of motion in all direction (up, down, left, and right). The next day I was 100% fine and didn't need either disc anymore."
Ann, Physician Assistant, Tampa

I am a 41 year old, male quadriplegic and I have been using the Holographic Pain Disc for about 3 months. My doctor gave me some samples of a traditional type medicated patch for severe nerve pain that I have in my right side where I had a medicine pump installed in Nov. 06. I didn't use the disc for 4 days and was in terrible pain by day 4. I went back to what I knew worked with the discs and was much better the following morning. Doctors don't know everything, but I know that the Holographic Pain Discs help my pain better than anything that doctors have given me.
Shannon, Boaz, Alabama

I used the pain disc on my husband's tennis elbow top and bottom and in 15-30 minutes he was marveling "what is that?". He wore it a couple of days and was surprised how it felt after that, but a few days later he said he knew it wasn't quite right totally inside, could he have another one? A week later, he asked for one for his knee and was pleased with results in less than a half hour.

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