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 Comfrey Salve
w/Vaseline base 2oz
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 Comfrey Salve
w/ Vitamin E
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Comfrey Salve from Herbal Woman

One of the oldest herbs in use today.
This product is strong yet safe enough to use on a baby.

Comfrey may be used topically to possibly heal wounds, skin ulcers, bruises, strains and sprain also for fast repair of broken bones. Use on burns, bug bites, minor cuts or any skin irritation.

People have been using comfrey in herbal medicine for an extended period of time.

This herb contains several bioactive compounds,
one of which is allantoin, which promotes the rapid growth of cells.
Comfrey was often used to treat broken bones because herbalists
believed that it made the bones knit faster and it is also supposed
to contribute to rapid healing of skin problems on the surface.

Comfrey salve can be applied to areas of pain and inflammation as well as irritation. Minor cuts, scrapes, insect bites, and burns can be treated with comfrey salve.

It is important to note that comfrey salve is intended for external use only. Comfrey itself contains compounds which can lead to liver toxicity if it is ingested in large amounts and it is better to be safe than sorry.


Enriched with Vitamin E:
Organic Comfrey, Licorice Root, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Beeswax, Vitamin E.

Vaseline Base:
Organic Comfrey, Licorice Root, Vaseline base.


I was suffering with a pain in my wrist for over a week and pain in my other arm and knees and it is all gone now it is truly amazing and what I remembered about growing up with comfrey.
A little bit goes a long way. Adrian M.

I love this Salve because it heals so quickly. My kids love it because there is no stinging. Kelly H.

I've had severe rashes & itching and using the salve stops the itching immediately and heals the rash quickly. It's great for cuts and bruises too. Julie C.

I am over weight some and I was sweating while doing some activities. I got galled so bad between my legs I could hardly walk, my friend gave me some of the comfrey salve and I put it on it felt wonderful it helped me with the pain and I could walk with out embarrassment by the next evening I would have never thought I was galled it worked so well. Brenda P.

This is the best topical healing ointment I have ever used!!

I have used the Salve for joint and muscles aches and it relieves the pain right away. I have also used it for skin irritations and it seems to speed the healing process. I recently dropped a very heavy item on my foot and it was very painful , swollen and black and blue right away. I applied the comfrey salve and the pain went away within an hour. I kept applying it periodically to my injury and within a day the swelling was gone and the bruising that had begun was reversed. I continued to use it for the week that followed as I needed it for pain, within that week my foot was back to being as good as new.
This is an amazing healing ointment and I will always have a jar on hand! Laurie G.

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