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Ultimate Young

The 3-Minute Facelift

Don't waste another minute on wishing to look younger or dreaming of visibly smoother skin. All of your wishes and dreams will become reality in minutes with Ultimate Young!

Ultimate Young is revolutionizing the world of anti-aging products. Backed by more than 20 years of product development experience and German technology, Ultimate Young is a nonsurgical instant lift-in-a-bottle to reduce your facial lines and noticeably tone your skin. You will experience the unique sensation of more perfect and defined facial contours in less than three minutes.

Ultimate Young features the patented, exclusive and powerful Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC), which brings the nutrients exactly when they are needed to exactly where they are needed at the cellular level, from inside and out!

DIRECTIONS: Shake vigorously for five seconds and apply a thin layer. If there is white residue from applying too much Ultimate Young, apply 4ever or a moisturizer on top to even it out.


"It is simply fantastic. I could watch as the laughter lines around and below my eyes disappeared within a few minutes. All I could think was: wow, this is fantastic!
I can't live without my Ultimate Young!" Taylor T.


"At first, I couldn't believe what I saw in the mirror!
What this product makes possible is indescribably fantastic. No annoying laugh lines anymore, no sagging eyelids - And all of that at this speed! Ultimate Young is incredible!
I won't miss out on my new-found youth for another day thanks to Ultimate Young!"
Petra P.


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