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Alkalizing Water Enhancer

Raises pH of Water
pH-FX is also enhanced with natural energy.
Helps support proper digestion, Helps support proper elimination.

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Aqualyte is a sachet (tiny tea bags)
of specially processed coral minerals and is known as
"The Secret of the World's Oldest Man".

In as little as 5 minutes, it transforms ordinary drinking water into antioxidant, alkaline water, rich in ionic minerals. Once you put a sachet of AquaLyte into any kind of water, that water is quickly transformed into "healing water".

Drinking AquaLyte water gently helps the body rid itself of toxins and brings your body systems into proper pH balance.
Now you can have the very water that the people of Okinawa drink, which is attributed to their excellent health and longevity.....without the trip to Japan! You will never want to drink "ordinary water" again.

One AquaLyte pack contains 30 sachets which makes a total of 15 gallons of healthy water.

Meet Fred Kaufman . . .

Hello, my name is Fred Kaufman.  You may not know me, but if you have heard of coral calcium, then you're familiar with my work.  I was the one who first introduced coral calcium to North America back in 1995.  You may be surprised to know that the product I introduced was not powder in a capsule.  It was a sachet or tea bag containing coral granules that change ordinary drinking water into healthy water.  That was the product which was so popular in Japan, where it originated; not capsules of powder. 

If you have heard of me, you know that I only endorse the products made using the original coral granules:
AquaLyte & Ionyte
Later on, I'll tell you how it all started and how AquaLyte coral minerals became known as 
"The Secret of the World's Oldest Man." 
But first, I would like to give you a brief summary of what AquaLyte can do for you. 

14 reasons for using AquaLyte, Water Enhancing Sachets:

Raises pH in drinking water to an alkaline level which can raise alkalinity of blood.

Turns drinking water into a powerful natural anti-oxidant, by lowering oxidation reduction potential (ORP).

Neutralizes chlorine in tap water, making drinking and cooking water healthier.

Adds essential "ionized" calcium and magnesium which are highly absorbable.

Breaks up water molecules for better assimilation into cell membranes, by lowering surface tension and Dyne measurement.

Replenishes vital trace minerals lost in water treatment and bottled water, especially distilled and reverse osmosis.
Improves the taste and quality of water and other beverages.
Helps strengthen bones and teeth by reducing body fluid acidity, as well as adding absorbable calcium, magnesium, and other synergistic trace minerals.
Very unique portable sachet you can put in your pocket or purse to treat drinking water and other beverages anywhere you go (including Mexico).
Makes measurable changes in the water beginning in just seconds.
Great for enhancing your pets water and tropical fish aquariums.
Used sachets can be added to the soil of potted plants.
Highest quality and effectiveness of any coral product on the market.
Effective with cooking water, sports drinks, fruit juices, alcoholic drinks, and all  non-carbonated beverages
AquaLyte  is the best way to insure that you are drinking the very best water, no matter what the source. 
Ordinary tap water can become healthy water with AquaLyte.  Think of the money you will save. 

AquaLyte can bring life back to water and help bring health back to you!!!  

AquaLyte and the "Secret of the World's Oldest Man"

You may be wondering: can we prove it?
After all, we have mainly discussed the science of AquaLyte, but what about proof? How about the biggest double-blind study in the history of mankind? Would that be proof enough for you You see, AquaLyte comes from Okinawa, Japan, where the inhabitants are well known for having great health and unusual longevity. In fact, the Guinness Book of World Records found the "world's oldest living man" in Okinawa (Tokinoshima), way back in 1979.

He was 115 years old and lived to be 120. The publicity aroused the curiosity of Japanese doctors and scientists who wanted to know his secret. What made him so unique and so healthy? To their surprise, he wasn't unique at all. There were many others like him who were over 100.

Four times as many as there were living on the other islands. And according to the Japanese Ministry of Health, the Okinawans weren't dying of heart disease, stroke, or cancer at the same rate as people living on the other islands of Japan, either. What was their secret? It was their water! You see, unlike the other islands, the island of Okinawa is made of an ancient coral reef, much like Hawaii is made of an ancient volcano. When it rained, the water soaked into the ground and was affected by the coral minerals. It became rich with ionic minerals, it gained a higher pH, it became anti-oxidant (lower ORP), and it had the correct H2O structure (wetter).

All of the water they drank, gave to their animals, and watered their crops with, was better than the water available on the other islands. All the while they were unaware of what was happening.

Even the Ministry of Health didn't know. They were just gathering statistics.
And that, my friend, is a double-blind study, and the "Secret of the World's Oldest Man." AquaLyte was invented in order to bring that same health-giving water to the rest of Japan. And now we bring AquaLyte to you.

Remember . . . 
  Water always has been and always will be the foundation of health.  Period!  That will never change.  

No matter what food you eat or what supplements you take, you still have to drink lots of good clean water everyday, if you want to be healthy. Adding AquaLyte to your water can take your health to a whole new level and help you feel better than you ever thought possible. AquaLyte has already helped millions of people around the globe to achieve better health. I urge you to give it a try and treat yourself to the best water in the world and the "Secret of the World's Oldest Man."

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