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limuz6 anti-aging

LimuZ6 is a product which focuses on four major systems of the body; Endocrine, Nervous, Immune and Pineal.
While working on the major systems with focus,
LimuZ6 also works on the two underlying issues associated with all disease; pH balancing and heavy metal/toxin removal.

All the nutrients are designed to help balance:
* Endocrine (Hormonal)
* Nervous (Communication)
* Immune (Offensive/Defensive)
* Anti-Aging (Pineal)

The potential benefits:
* Anti-Aging
* Improved Mental Clarity
* Increased Natural Energy
* Clearer Skin Tone
* Inch-Loss
* Heavy Metal Reduction

LimuZ is packed with 700+ nutrients;

IGF-1 Superfamily, Immune Factors,
and Essential Glyconutrients/Fatty Acids/Amino Acids,
Vitamins, Minerals, Phytonutrients,
Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatories.

The most powerful anti-aging, immune supporting, dietary supplement in the world.

Other Ingredients: Effervescent (fructose, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, natural flavors, cranberry fruit juice powder, stevia leaf extract, silicon dioxide). Contains Colostrum with milk derived proteins.
Suggested Use: Mix 1 packet of Limuz6 with 2-4 ounces of water. During periods of stress, dosage may be increased to
2 to 3 packets a daily.

100% Organic Ingredients - LimuZ6 contains seven major components:

Acai Berry Pulp
Hand-harvested and flash frozen when they are pure and fresh from the Amazon, these Acai berries have higher antioxidants for: Energy & Stamina; Skin tone & healthy glow; Total support for cholesterol levels for your health and brain health.

Contains all 89 growth factors, over 100 natural immune growth factors and healthy fatty acids, Colostrum6 supports: Energy & Stamina; Reaching weight-loss goals; Your hair, nails and skin; 100% for your autoimmune scenarios.

Laminaria Japonica
The hearty sea vegetable is part of the diet for: Removal of toxins and heavy metals that may accumulate in your body over time as you get older; Maintaining a youthful "a glow" skin; Stronger supporting immune system cellular communication.

The highest quality 85% isolate - harvested from the deep radiation-free Pacific waters - gives your round-the-clock support for: The cells in your blood and organs; Healthy cholesterol levels; Your immune system.

Acetyl L-Carnitine
Have piece of mind when you take this amino acid-protein block- because not only does it give you a skip in your step , morning noon and night, but also gives your dependable daily support for your aging brain for preventative health.

This unique ocean-vegetable carotenoid is a dieter's dream for a better way to achieve that weight-loss goal. Promotes the formation of DHA Omega-3 fatty acid. Helps to support your insulin sensitivity. "Watches" Triglycerides levels.

A naturally occurring mineral found in volcanic clay, which is used to detoxify your body for a healthier aging throughout your entire body.

How It Works

1. Balances the (4) four major systems of the body:

LimuZ6 is the first nutritional product which focuses on (4) four major systems of the body; Endocrine, Nervous, Immune and Pineal. While working on the major systems with focus, LimuZ6 also works on the two (2) underlying issues associated with all disease; pH balancing and heavy metal/toxin removal.

All the nutrients are designed to help balance:

  • Endocrine (Hormonal
  • Nervous (Communication)
  • Immune (Offensive/Defensive)
  • Anti-Aging (Pineal)
2. Highly packed with 700+ nutrients designed to help balance your system:

LimuZ6 is focused, however with over 700+ constituents; benefits go well beyond the major systems listed above. You may find benefits with your skin, nails, hair, energy, sleep patterns and much more! You will quickly see why this is a total body experience.

With over 60 antioxidants and 40 other compounds, which work in helping to balance a disordered body, all naturally occurring and found in the ingredients used to create LimuZ6; this product provides all the essential nutrients the body requires to repair itself.


3. Isotonic Technology allows high absorption and immediate delivery into the system
Isotonic/Effervescent literally means immediate absorption & mobility into the body which is why our customers report they notice the effects in 20-30 minutes.

LimuZ6 contains electrolytes at the same concentration as the body's own fluids which mean they are absorbed into the blood stream at around the same rate as water.

Electrolytes serve three general functions in the body:

  • Many are essential minerals
  • They control osmosis of water between body compartments
  • They help maintain the acid-base balance required for normal cellular activities

LimuZ6 put in any liquid is highly absorbable and has an immediate delivery into the system because of the isotonic technology. Why? Because it has the same level of electrolyte balance as we have in our blood, so it is pulled into your system.
It is the fluid of life so to speak!

Today's lifestyle is taking a heavy toll on our health. We are experiencing higher stress levels and more toxicity than our parents or even their parents did. Yet, our nutritional intake is far from optimal levels. Everyone from your kids to baby boomers can experience positive results from using LimuZ6 on a daily basis. Your body will thank you!

Remove the roadblocks to having your major systems working in the correct manner is what LimuZ6 was designed to do!

The potential benefits of using LimuZ6

Anti Aging
If your aim is to look and feel young for as long as you can, you'll need to have "youthful" anti-aging components that focus on the body and mind at your disposal! It is true that one of the biggest keys to a long and healthy life is choosing your parents wisely.
That, of course, isn't truly a choice, but you don't have to be a slave to your family's heredity; there is another "family" called the IGF-1 Super Family that has been shown to have a major impact on keeping you "youthful"!

Weight Loss
Leptin has been dubbed "Leptin has been dubbed "The Amazing Fat Shrinking Molecule". Colostrum provides all of the factors that enable the body to use Leptin. Five things that Leptin has been shown to help with: Safe appetite control; Keep cravings in balance; Body Chemistries; Lean Muscle and Burn Fat. 

Fitness is more than just being in shape...Fitness is about how you feel AND how you look, rather than just about exercise!
The components within our products work systematically from the inside out to provide you with both physical and mental fitness. Our products help get you where you want to be and help you feel good while getting there!

Immune System
How you feel is even more important than the way you look. Let's face it, if you look like you have the perfect body but suffer from a chronic situation, are you fit? Physical activity can help reduce your risk of chronic issues, but what if you already suffer from "dis-ease"? Our products bring balance to an unbalanced system!

GI Tract
Research tells us; all chronic health issues begin in the gut so it makes sense that healing must begin in the gut. Colostrum offers protection through Immunoglobulin A (IgA), Proline Rich Polypeptides (PRP) and Epithelial Growth Factors (EGF) and more; all of the components work together to balance the gut and allow it to flourish in its natural state.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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