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Daily Cleanse
30 Servings

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LeptiTrim6 Daily Cleanse

leptitrim6 cleanse

The LeptiTrim6 Cleanse synergistically combines: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and fiber to nourish the body while aiding healthy elimination. We use no ingredients which may cause a lazy bowel; this means that it creates a healthy elimination cycle and while nourishing your body!

How LeptiTrim6 Daily Cleanse Plus Works in Your Body This natural digestive formula has 3 strong digesting enzymes to give you more support so you can actually enjoy the foods you eat - morning, noon, and night!

1. Amylase digests polysaccharides found in grains.*
2. Fungal Protease digests protein.*
3. Lipases digests fats.*

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These 3 Musketeers also gives you much-needed support for a healthy bathroom schedule. When the - going - gets tough, LeptiTrim6 Plus gets going. Plus, your body is nourished with fiber, amino acids, and 15 vitamins and minerals for added energy and to also work synergistically with the enzymes.

Gluten Free * GMO Free - MADE IN THE USA

Nutrition Facts

Suggested Use:  Mix two rounded teaspoons in 4-6 oz of juice or in the LeptiTrim6 Shakes.

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