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Colostrum6 - Strawberry
Chewable Tablets
Great for Kids, & Adults too.
90 Servings

- $19.95

Colostrum6 - Pineapple
Lozenges Chewable

Great for Kids, & Adults too.
65 Servings
$32.98 - $

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Colostrum6 Strawberry Tablet

anovite colostrum6 strawberry tablet

Colostrum6 Strawberry Tablets are cold pressed colostrum for kids! They taste just like "Sweet Tarts" of old! Remember, you may have to hide the bottle as kids don't think of them as supplements but as candy! Taking 3 twice every day provides 1,200 mg of colostrum helping to keep the little ones healthy.

Colostrum6 + 210% Vitamin C = A Parents' Peace of Mind

As a parent, you have enough to worry about, so when it comes to the health of your kids, you want as strong of a supporting defense for their immune system as you can find.

Colostrum6 has enough vitamin C for two kids! It also has a pretty impressive ("awesome") blend of natural biological life factors, such as immune, metabolic and growth.*

Absorbs Readily for Higher Bioavailability

Natural Chymosin, known also as rennin, is a proteolytic enzyme. Its role is to bypass stomach acids and a higher absorption rate.* Natural is ALWAYS better than a synthetic!

Take two bottles home with you. One for the kids, and one for you.

RAW * Gluten Free * 100% Tested Organic GMO Free * BSE Free * Antibiotic Free Pesticide Free * Hormone Free


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